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Australians sound off (And also you kiwis)

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  • Australians sound off (And also you kiwis)

    So the main purpose of this thread is so I can figure out who the other Australians are that frequent TG. Also hopefully it lets other Australians find each other easily.

    I'm sure there are quite a few others like myself who are dying to play a decent game on the TG server but can't. This is due to the fact that here in Australia we still live in the 90s, and a large part of our internet backbone is handled by Etch-A-Sketch machines and the Australian postal service. Also our packets decide to take a holiday through Asia before deciding to commit seppuku somewhere in the northern pacific.

    Enough about Australia's shoddy internet to the rest of the world, and more on what will hopefully come of this. If there are enough Australians, maybe we can organise a fun match or two TG style. I know it wont be the same as playing on the TG server itself but at least it will be better than most pub servers.

    I nearly forgot to mention you Kiwis. I suppose you're included in this one too (And any other countries in our general area)

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    Re: Australians sound off (And also you kiwis)

    I've been to Perth, Australia and I live on Kiwi st. Does that include me?




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