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The Dentists - V.2.01 - Saturday April 30th

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  • The Dentists - V.2.01 - Saturday April 30th

    I'll be running "The Dentists" tonight on Server #2. This "version" will have some tweaks, and some new added surprises.

    Let's aim for 9:00pm Eastern!

    From the original idea...

    Attack of the Dentists - This is like the old "Zombies" custom game type from Halo 2 back in the day. X number of people start out as engineers only allowed to use their repair tools. The "Survivors" are only allowed to use a certain pistol (to be somewhat balanced, I think the Wrex would be awesome). The Dentists try to kill patients. When patients are killed by a repair tool, they become dentists. Example: 10 survivors at start, 2 Dentist drillers. The Patients would have to use an agreed pistol only, no knife, no healing (maybe do hardcore?), limited area of the map, limited to Recon so they can't heal or gain ammo... No perks, of course. Limited ammo would make things really hectic. Headshots everyone!
    Server will be on HARDCORE for this event. This means headshots will be entirely way more lethal - and no health regeneration. Patients and Dentists need to be careful!

    The Dental Team

    "Dentists" (The majority of the team)
    -The killers. The Bad guys. The mob of wrenches.

    Engineer class
    Cannot Sprint
    Cannot use anything but their repair tool
    May respawn infinite times

    "Dental Techs" (1/2 per team, depending on team size)
    -The scouts. Also bad guys. They exist to help scout out the patients movements, and to help keep the Dentists informed of where they are on the map. They have no lethal capacity, and can be shot. This role is optional, and may not be needed all the time. They can heal their dentist colleagues if they are lucky enough to survive bullets.

    Medic class
    Can sprint
    Cannot use any weapons other than tracer dart. They have no lethal capacity.
    May respawn infinite times.

    The Unfortunate Patients

    "Patients" (Majority of team)
    -The unfortunate visitors of our terrible dentists. They must work together. The clock is ticking - the person who lasts the longest will have their name on the scoreboard!

    Recon class.
    Can only use the Wrex (revolver) or the M1911. Wrex for added style points
    Can only use Magnum ammo
    Cannot use enemy kits picked up off ground. If you're out of ammo, that's your fault.
    Can only use Light weight or extra ammo.
    May use knife
    Do not respawn. When they are "drilled" they are to switch to the "Dentists" team.

    "Chauffeurs" (1 per team)
    -Like the "Dental Techs", they exist in a support role, with very limited lethal capacity. They were the unlucky patient's ride before the drilling... They provide ammo and smoke. This role is also optional for the team. The only way the Chauffeur can really defend themselves is to use the smoke launcher for a direct impact kill...

    Assault class
    Provides ammo to patients
    Can only use smoke launcher. Nothing else.
    Cannot use enemy kits picked up off the ground. If you're out of smoke, that's your fault. Better run!
    NO PERKS. No LW, no extra grenades, nothing.
    Cannot use knife.
    Do not respawn. Just like patients.


    Teams of 4-8 (depending on player counts) will start on patient team (Randomly chosen by me). They will play 2 rounds. They will have 1 min - 2 min headstart over their dental competition, so they can can get to hiding spots. They will have a few mins before each round to talk/plan/get in correct TS3 channel.

    Larger maps will be avoided on the maplist. I won't know what the "next" maps will be - so the random-ness keeps everyone guessing!

    Please keep in mind that this is teamwork oriented. Also keep in mind when playing Patient that you may not be accessable without sprint. Try and keep it balanced when possible!

    A roster of participants will be taken for any potential prizes in the future.

    Bring your friends. PW: skudiscool

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    Re: The Dentists - V.2.01 - Saturday April 30th

    Postponed til next weekend. Will reopen...




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