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TG vs Tags N Bags II [Sunday, 26.Jun 4:00 EST]

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  • TG vs Tags N Bags II [Sunday, 26.Jun 4:00 EST]

    TG once again welcomes TnB into our house, for the epic, and long awaited TGvsTNB II

    SIGNUPS WILL START HERE AT HIGH NOON EST ON SATURDAY 6/11/11 (at which time this thread will unlock)

    *Private forum will be available for planning
    *All details are subject to change. Please check the thread for updates.

    Date: Sunday 6/26/2011
    Time: 4:00 PM EST
    Be on Teamspeak 3:00 PM EST
    Players will be required for TeamSpeak roll call 1 hour before the scrim.
    Anyone who is not present 30 mins before the scheduled start time will be moved to the bottom of the signup order.

    Server: Tactical Gamer BC2 Server 1
    Rules: Standard TG BC2 Rules (FF = OFF)


    RUSH (2 rounds each, 150 tickets)

    1. Oasis
    2. valparaiso
    3. Laguna Presa
    4. Cold War

    CONQUEST (1 round, 300 tickets)

    1. Oasis

    Players: 16v16
    Format: This should take around 2 hours, with 5 min breaks between rounds.

    * Players will be signed up on a first-come first-served basis.
    * Supporting Members get precedence in the order they sign up, then Non-Supporting Members afterwards. Your SM status at the time of sign-up determines which list you will be on. Once you post, you cannot become a SM later to work your way up the list.
    * You can pull out, but if you reconfirm, you will find yourself at the bottom of the roster.
    * You may not hand over your spot to another specific player. Your spot will be given to the next available player.

    *If enough IHS sign up, they will get their own squad.

    *BC2 "Scrim Team Alpha" forum will be utilized for proper planning

    Signup Format:

    IHS if affiliatied
    Kits/vehicles prefered
    Do you want to SL?
    Do you want to be a Commander?

    What not to post:

    * "What time will it be in my time zone?" Work it out.
    * "Are non-supporting members allowed to play?" Yes. However, supporting members get priority.
    * "It's not fair! I keep getting pushed out by Supporting Members!"Become one.
    * "Can you change the date?" No, the date is confirmed.
    * "I'm on the reserve list. How good are my chances of playing if I show up?" Fairly high. Inevitably, there are a few cancellations before the match and there's usually one or two no-shows on the day of the match.

    Alpha squad
    1. - SL

    Bravo Squad
    1. - SL

    Charlie Squad
    1. - SL

    Delta Squad
    1. - SL




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