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BC2 on Steam equals free BC2 Vietnam

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  • BC2 on Steam equals free BC2 Vietnam

    I found this while searching for non steam ways to add Vietnam to my Steam install.

    First off, I did not use any crack or any other illegal method. I just used my CD Key to download a digital copy of my game through EA download manager now called Origin.

    What you need to do is download Origin (EA's steam like client)
    Get you CD key for BC2 on Steam.
    Add the CD key in Origin
    It gives you two options - Standard or Digital Deluxe
    Chose Digital Deluxe (this includes Vietnam for free)
    Install game through Origin and your set
    You just play the digital copy from Origin (I also believe you don't have to have origin installed.. you may just be able to do this through the Origin site)

    I don't think EA specified the type of CD keys it gave other digital distributors and thus it gives you the option to download either one.

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    Re: BC2 on Steam equals free BC2 Vietnam

    hehe, now THAT is awesome.. Nice find!
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      Re: BC2 on Steam equals free BC2 Vietnam

      Did you actually get this to work? I registered my game with Origin and chose the deluxe version but when I log in the extra content isn't available. I believe since it's linked to your EA account that it remembers you really only have the basic edition. It does appear that you can run the game without logging into Origin though, which is nice at least.


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        Re: BC2 on Steam equals free BC2 Vietnam

        I'm having issues installing through Origin, haven't been able to verify.

        I have read online where people worked fine and others were asked for a activation code like normal. Most were able to get resolved by contacting EA's Customer Support.


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          Re: BC2 on Steam equals free BC2 Vietnam

          I installed origin and un-installed BC2 (Disk copy) then activated the game in origin using the CD key and chose the digital deluxe version and it downloaded over 8GB and installed the game, I could run the game without origin and did not need to have my disk in the drive :icon14:, but I was asked for an activation code for Vietnam!




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