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    I discovered tactical gamer recently on youtube while searching for ways to get bush wookies off hills (apparently it's shotgun slugs + magnum ammo)
    and I found the servers. I just finished a couple of maps playing with some in house squad members, of whom I shared my love of SCARL and AT4 with.

    They told me that I can join the TG Irregulars in order to join an in house squad. How do I do this and what are the TG Irregulars?

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    Re: In House Squad System

    Hiya Foxwhite. To become a member of any other IHS (In-House Squad) on tactical gamer you have to become a supporting member. Which is 7 dollars month, which helps keep our BC2 servers up! Go to this link: and post an application if you are interested in joining the Irregulars. Click my signature if you have any other questions, I'd be more than happy to help!

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      Re: In House Squad System

      First of all, welcome to TG!
      Second, there are many ways to get bush wookiees off hills. Stealth is ok. Long range ammo might work. My personal preference is a teamwork show-de-force. Glad you had a fun time on the server though!

      Our In-House squad system is very unique. We have many many squads (each usually referred to as an IHS) throughout the community. Each has its own flavor, requirements and focus. Some have open-call tryouts. Some work by private invitation only. Some take applications.

      For example, I am in the TG 6th Devil's Brigade. We focus on our three founding tenets: teamwork (also a cornerstone of TG's ethos as a whole), agility (we play many games and serve many roles in the community), and leadership (we pride ourselves on helping our teammates out in leadership capacities, such as squad leading, training and commanding, and being active contributors and leaders in TG as a whole). We play a wide variety of games and have people from all over the globe as members.

      But thats just the 6th. Each IHS is different and each takes great pride in not only what makes them different, but also their ability to work in and with the community to make things continually bigger and better. For most people, being in an IHS is a capstone achievement at TG.

      The one requirement for all in-house squads, with the sole exception of the Irregulars, is that you must be a supporting member (which means you pay either a yearly or monthly donation to TG in exchange for certain perks and priveleges). However, that isnt to say that the Irregulars are any less than any other IHS.

      The Irregs are the oldest active IHS at TG. They have a very large member base and participate in almost every facet of TG. You can play just about any title that TG hosts or supports and find Irregulars playing it. Great guys and gals who work very hard for the community and enjoy ever minute of it. If you want more specific information, visit their forum, which can also be found near the bottom of the main forum index.

      Hope that helps you out a bit! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! We have thousands of people who will help you out and nobody is going to ding you for asking anything.


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        Re: In House Squad System

        Thanks for the help. I do have a silly question though. How do I become a supporting member. I looked through the stickies but I'm failing much. Are debit cards ok or are gold bricks the only acceptable legal tender?


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          Re: In House Squad System

          They also accept first-born children as payment. But really go to the settings tab in the upper right hand corner and then go to the "paid subscriptions" tab on the left taskbar. Next fill out any information you need and bam, you're done. Personally I have only used credit before so I do not know about debit cards.

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            Re: In House Squad System

            I wouldn't use a debit card. If you do need to use a card, use a credit card. However, I really think you should explore TG via the irregulars first and foremost :). Welcome to TG.




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