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  • Fond Memories and Regrets

    I liken the upcoming BF3 to going off to college. Yeah Mom and Dad, I might come back if I drop out of school, or if I run out of money, but its not likely, I'll be having too much fun.

    What are some of your fond memories of BC2? Any regrets, some you hope to focus on in the next title?

    Fond Memories:
    Lots of new friends - I have met new players and new friends in this title, that's what its all about for me
    Knifing people
    Epic stages in Rush, where its mere tickets that either finishes the round or extends it
    New weapons (870, how I will miss you)
    Amazing graphics and sound

    Running out in the open - I still can't stop doing it, and the quick respawns and speed of the game didn't help my habit any
    Not playing more weapons more regularly (870, how I will miss you)
    Not helping new players out as much as I should have
    Not learning the maps better - this game felt so much like an arcade game to me, I just ran around killing things

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    Re: Fond Memories and Regrets

    The graphics, the first several times I played it were just awesome.
    Being 'meistro's repair monkey/gunner
    Sitting back in the enemy base in rush on atacama desert and repair tooling about 15 snipers before getting killed
    Getting shot in the face by Project and his $&#@$%* 870
    Figuring the guns and perks out, which in a game that seemed so shallow, had a surprising depth.
    The banter in teamspeak.
    Meeting a lot of the people from the 2142 side of things.

    Being a late comer to the game and point whoring like mad the first several weeks trying to catch up rather than learning the game. It took me that much longer to figure out how to actually play the game well.
    Not having the opportunity to squad lead/CO :\
    Getting shot in the face by Project and his $&#@$%* 870

    For all its faults, BC2 was fun.


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      Re: Fond Memories and Regrets

      Mega post inbound. Print this out and bring it to the toilet.

      I got into BC2 a little bit late into the game - September of 2010. I had played a bit of BC2 on my roommate's computer and a bit on the 360 - I enjoyed the game. I had just built a new computer for the first time since 06, so I wanted something brand new to play on it. BC2, to me, is something special. At the time I was considering leaving TG - not from bitterness or disappointment, but from a general lack of interest in multiplayer gaming. 2010 was a very trying year for me, personally. My life did a complete 180. I had become very apathetic about gaming, and nothing could hold my interest anymore besides a few odd titles. Even completing single player games had become very difficult for me. It sounds odd but the whole "not enjoying video games anymore" thing is part of a larger issue - it's not good to enjoy something one day and then stop enjoying that same thing. I wasn't sure if BC2 would be the title to keep me here at TG, but it turned out to be the case.

      I started making some life changes in September 2010 that ironically included playing video games. I regularly was playing at the same time of day, usually BC2. BC2 became part of a schedule, almost. BC2 was one of the first single player games (as terrible as it's campaign was) that I actually finished in practically years. Silly as it sounds, it was nice to actually finish something (I had a problem in 09 and 10 with not finishing novels, either...).

      So anyway, all that mopey personal stuff aside, BC2 is a blast.

      1. The people - BC2 reunited me with a lot of older POE2 players that I had thought left/weren't gaming anymore. Not only that, but it introduced me to a lot of new people who I'd never interacted with much here at TG, like the 2142 players. What really stood out was a focus on camaraderie with this title. IHS numbers tended to blur more often than not. Between constantly making fun of Project for being 7 years old and Badger's constantly ridiculous comments in all-chat, we had something really going right here. Let's carry that into BF3.

      2. The weapons and equipment system was awesome. Sure it was fun using it all, but the real fun came from all the discussion and seeing how people used various weapons and equipment. Like "lumberjacking" all the trees down on a rush stage, or how to best utilize a kit for the team.

      3. The absolute demand on our server to bring your A-Game. It made me a better player, that I'm sure of. When I first played BC2 I was lucky to get in the top 10 on a random server. Within a few weeks of playing on TG, that changed. It eventually got to the point where I stopped playing on other servers as often because it could feel too easy. It had been a LONNNNG time for me since I really FOCUSED on a game.

      4. Killing Elmeistro's tank on defense when he's attacking on any Rush map. Anyone here can tell you that can change the outcome of the round.

      5. On the flip side, keeping Elmeistro's tank alive for an entire rush round...

      6. Finding "spots"

      7. The excessive amount of death and destruction on some maps, like Cold War. I'd love to see a chart of how many buildings, walls, trees, etc were destroyed in the epic fictional war between Russia and the US over the course of the last year and a half. I'd love to see a stat on the number of times a TG server became a server full of USAS medics, slamming bodies against one another. Can you imagine if bodies stayed on the ground for the entire round on some maps? What if they were staics, so you had to walk around or over them? Can you imagine the piles that would form around some objectives or flags? BC2, although frustrating at times, was a complete meat grinder.

      BC2 also gave me an opportunity to become an admin, which really reinvigorated my ties to TG.

      Now for the regrets:

      1. Using the CG. I recently plat'd the CG. I stopped using it. I realized that, for me (and i speak for myself), it was a bit of a crutch for when I didn't want to apply too much effort. Often it was selfish. While it helped the team against armor, it was often an easier kill.

      2. Not being more familiar with all the sniper rifles. I've made an effort to use more of them, but I relied heavily on the VSS for a long time. Great gun, I love it, but I should have learned some of the bolt-action rifles better. Recently I have, which I'm glad I am.

      3. Not that anything could have been done about it, but I wish Vietnam had more content. I think it has a good amount, but it would have been more viable and popular if it had more content. I know I'm not alone when I say I love the weapons, the statics, the atmosphere, the music, the sounds, the jungle... Great expansion.

      4. I wish I had used the medic/assault class sooner! I started the game with Engi/Recon, and largely ignored the medic kit for a long time. I wish I had played a lot more medic in the first few months.



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        Re: Fond Memories and Regrets


        fond memories...
        - playing around with, fine-tuning, tweaking, etc, all the different gear combinations
        - the night I first tried red-dot on the [pre-nerfed] m60
        - first time trying red-dot with a bolt-action
        - pissing my pants laughing during the pregame of our TG-ladder match vs our TWL team.
        - zombies vs dentists
        - deforestation on white-pass while seeding

        - small maps causing a lot of my 12th brothers to lose interest
        - small maps causing me to lose interest
        - not exploring all the classes/weapons more - I never really got deep into assault.
        - not playing frequently enough to get my game back to what I consider par for myself
        - I miss squadleading


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          Re: Fond Memories and Regrets

          Originally posted by WhiskeySix View Post
          - pissing my pants laughing during the pregame of our TG-ladder match vs our TWL team.
          Still piss my pants thinking about it.
          -UAV on armor
          -UAV on Elmeistro (That us worthy of multiple mentions)
          -That day I took down a building which had what I thought were 4 enemies, but was in fact filled with 52 friendlies (at least it seemed that way with all the scrolling) and fallen's photo documentary of it was priceless
          -OMG, freakin sniping with a neostead and slugs, really? Why have I not tried this before?
          -Seeding and low pop on server, when we have both teams in same channel.
          -Seeding and changing the face of the map
          -Discovering a tank can not, in fact, survive a building collapsing on it.
          -Corpses and the odd physics involved with them (reviving someone with a paddle to the backside whose face is in a wall always makes me laugh)

          Regrets? Not really. I enjoyed the game, got my moneys worth, love playing on TG, except that if I want an easy ace pin I have to play on another server. I do this for fun and if I am not having fun I leave and come back another time. Sure, I hope I can hit level 50 before bf3, but if I do not, it won't scar me for life. Joining the 12th did that.


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            Re: Fond Memories and Regrets

            Fond Memories:
            - Too many rounds to count, pretty much any match that came within 10 tickets (which on TG is often enough)
            - Shooting down 5 helo's in a single round with the tank
            - Using the 870 and slugs
            - Sniping people from halfway across the map with 870 and slugs
            - My first kill with the 40mm smoke
            - Playing Vietnam

            - Playing the game late, I was holding out for in game VOIP and didn't suck it up and start playing the game until much later after release.
            - Not getting to know the maps and weapons better, still haven't figured out which weapons I like the best.
            - Not getting better with the AT4, I've become too reliant on tracer darts.


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              Re: Fond Memories and Regrets

              Fond Memories:
              - Finding TG through BC2
              - Getting to know and play with all the BC2 regulars
              - Blowing up MCOMs in one go with 12 C4 (Pre-patch). I still don't think there's a greater thrill than having a squad successfully sneak through enemy lines and rigging an MCOM with enough C4 to blow it up.
              - AT-4'ing helicopters and sprinkling their passengers into the ocean
              - Getting Platinum stars on all my weapons. People called me crazy for doing it, but it was fun going through every weapon and forcing yourself to play them even if you didn't like them initially. I eventually grew to appreciate and enjoy almost every gun that I originally hated with the exception of the M14 and the G3. I platinum'd those before they buffed the damage and allowed you to put scopes on them. Before that patch those weapons were useless.
              - XM8 Prototype, 40mm shotgun, M93R, ACOG scope. Best. Kit. Ever.
              - Playing on the competitive TWL team. Lots of close matches, getting handed some serious beatdowns, but most memorably some epic triumphs over great teams.

              Only Regret:
              - Broken VOIP. Yea we achieved a workable solution through TS, but how awesome would it have been to be able to speak to the non-TGer's in your squad and how many potentially great people did we miss out on because they passed through our server and never truly experienced the TG teamwork and comms.
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                Re: Fond Memories and Regrets

                Memories: Getting owned and T-Baged when starting out with a crappy mouse and system and no Magnum ammo.

                Killing lots with Ak74-u
                Getting some decent streaks with vehicles and dragshots etc

                Regrets: Never playing a clan match.


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                  Re: Fond Memories and Regrets

                  Great idea for a thread...

                  Fond Memories
                  1. M14 + ACOG = Happy Dog
                  2. Epic close games on Rush
                  3. AT mine kills
                  4. Feeble attempts to fly the helo
                  5. Chatter in TS

                  1. Conquest maps where the flag radii are mere yards apart. With all that beautifully rendered space, they had to place the flags a stone's throw apart?
                  2. Emptying half a clip into someone then dying anyway, to the staccato roar of a SAIGA or USAS auto-shotgun.
                  3. AT mine team kills.
                  4. Leaving my M14 + ACOG behind (gun isn't in BF3 is it?).



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                    Re: Fond Memories and Regrets

                    There are plenty of similar guns to the M14 all with various strength scopes.
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                      Re: Fond Memories and Regrets

                      Well folks, it looks like we have a bit of a 2 week dry spell til BF3.

                      As odd as it sounds: GET BACK ON THE SERVER! Let's send the server out with a bang!


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                        Re: Fond Memories and Regrets

                        I would try and log into BC2 but it seems that I can't log into anything requires an Origin login. Everything from EA Forums US to Origin to even the Live Chat and Help Section all redirects me to an Origin login screen which I can't get past. Is this happening to anyone else or is it just me?

                        Update: 10:25am

                        Ok just called Origin via Phone. They apparently are going through some kind of intense long update that is messing up people's access to Origin and also the login server. So if you are one of the lucky people who aren't getting errors cool. If you are or if it's just bringing you back to the Login screen then this is the reason. There was no ETR but the guy I talked to said maybe in 2 hours so around Noon CDT US. That's what I got on the phone.
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                          Re: Fond Memories and Regrets

                          Good games, looking forward to more this weekend.

                          I kept trying to go prone. It doesn't work.




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