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  • About BF:BC2 - What We Know So Far!

    Developer: Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment(DICE)
    Release Date US: March 2nd, 2010
    Release Date EU: March 5th, 2010

    Key Features
    • Up to 32 Players on PC (24 on consoles) - Play with up to 32 players online in the biggest multiplayer Maps in Battlefield. Each with a different tactical and gameplay focus set across a variety of environments.
    • Full singeplayer campaign and extensive multiplayer
    • Four Classes - Assault, Medic, Engineer and Recon
    • Four multiplayer gamemodes
    • Destruction 2.0
    • Rank and unlock system similar to previous BF games
    • Full DirectX 9, 10 & 11 Support - Immerse yourself in the Battlefield world as Frostbite engine brings tanks, planes, and explosions to vivid life on your PC. The game will fully support Windows XP, Vista, and 7 with new tech that further improves things like lighting and shadows.
    • Enhanced Gameplay - The PC version also includes wide peripheral support like Joysticks for flying, NVDIA 3D Vision, Logitech LCD Keyboards and VoIP Support plus a variety of specific features tailored for PC play.
      Friend Support - Find your friends online with the new buddy list to see if and who is online so you can quickly join their game.
    • Dedicated Ranked Server - Everyone gets non-stop action with no connection penalties based on some other player's internet. Ranked Server Provider program will give players opportunity to rent their own server(s) located in professional grade datacenters, ability to modify settings like map rotation, create reserved slots for friends or clan members, kick & Ban players, and custom name your ranked server.
    • Clan Support & Private Servers - Independent Clan Tag, and ability to rent servers for hosting and controlling private password protected competitive servers with expanded control over the settings from public ranked servers.
    • PC Squad Play System - Updated from previous Battlefield PC titles now gives control of your squad before heading into combat.

    PC System Requirements
    Minimum Frostbite PC Specifications for BFBC2
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz
    • Main memory: 2GB
    • Graphics card: GeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900
    • Graphics memory: 256MB
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Free HDD space: 15GB for Digital Version, 10GB for Disc Version (BFBC2)

    Recommended Frostbite PC Specifications for BFBC2
    • Processor: Quadcore
    • Main memory: 2GB
    • Graphics card: GeForce GTX 260
    • Graphics memory: 512MB
    • OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
    • Free HDD space: 15GB for Digital Version, 10GB for Disc Version (BFBC2)


    - Main Weapon: AEK971, XM8, F2000, AUG, AN94, M416, M16
    - Secondary Weapon: (see last section)
    - Gadget1: Ammo Box
    - Gadget2: Underbarrel Grenade Launcher, Underbarrel Smoke Grenade Launcher, Underbarrel Shotgun
    - Specializations: ACOG, 4x Scope, Grip
    - Main Weapon: PKM, M249, QJY88, M60, XM8LMG, MG36, MG3
    - Secondary Weapon: (see last section)
    - Gadget1: LIFE-33 health pack, LIFE-33B advanced health pack(increased speed), LIFE-33C higher capacity health pack(increased range)
    - Gadget2: Defibrillator
    - Specializations: ACOG, 4x Scope, More Accurate Barrel
    - Main Weapon: 9A91, SCAR, XM8C, AKS74U, UZI, PP2000, UMP45
    - Secondary Weapon: (see last section)
    - Gadget1: PWR-500 repair tool, ATM-00 anti-tank mine
    - Gadget2: RPG7, M2CG, M136
    - Specializations: ACOG, 4x Scope, Accurized Silencer
    - Main Weapon: M24, QBY88, SV98, SVU, GOL, VSS, M95,
    - Secondary Weapon: (see last section)
    - Gadget1: Sensor Ball
    - Gadget2: C4, Mortar Strike
    - Specializations: 4x Scope, 12x Scope, ACOG, Auto Spotter
    All Kits
    - Secondary Weapon: M9, M1911, MP443, MP412, TRCR4(tracer dart), M93R, M1A1, 870MCS, S20K, SPAS12, T194, USAS12, NS2000, SPAS15
    - Gadgets: HG-2 frag grenade(default), KNV-1 knife(default)
    - Perk 1: Increased Sprint Speed, Double Ammo, Double Explosives/Rockets, Double Grenades/Underbarrel Ammo, Higher Accuracy Sabot Rounds (Shotguns)
    - Perk 2: Ceramic Plating, Marksman Bullets, Explosive Damage Upgrade,, Increased Capacity (Shotguns)
    - Vehicle Perk: Sensors, Armor, Stronger Ammo, Faster Reloads, Smokescreen, Optics Upgrade, Coaxial Gun
    • First weapon listed for each category is default unless noted otherwise
    • Snipers will have bullet drop and tracers

    • Light
      Quad bike
    • Heavy
      M3A3 Bradley
      BMD3 Bakhcha
      M1A2 Abrams
      T90 MBT
    • Air
      AH-64 Apache
      Mi-28 Havoc
      UH-60 Blackhawk
      Mi-24 Hind
      Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV1)
      - Remotely operated aircraft - in game represented by a very small helicopter
      - Used for air support and intel gathering
      - Default hellfire missile with unlockable coaxial specialization
      - Video
    • Water
      Light Patrol Boat (PBL)
    • Stationary

    Game Modes

    - Tutorial Video
    Squad Deathmatch
    - Multiple squads are randomly placed on a map and the first squad to 50 kills wins the map. Limited armor available.
    4 vs 4 squad rush mode
    - "Squad Rush, which is four vs four – eight players total – and that’s set on a smaller Rush game mode. One crate per base and there will only be two bases that attackers need to take and the defenders obviously have to defend. This will be set on a custom version of the map to handle that and there are no vehicles, ever. This is that one map and game mode you’ll be able to play with no vehicles in the way, and we think this is the one that the competitive crowd will really take to. It’s going to be much easier for four people to team up and create their own mini-clan and this will also be ranked."
    - Video

    • "Hardcore" option will be available to apply to all gamemodes - "No Crosshairs. No Minimap. More Lethal Weapons. No Kill Cam. No Regen Health. All Skill"
    • "For Hardcore mode, it’ll apply to all four game modes, and it’ll be no kill-cam, friendly fire is on so you can kill your own team-mate accidentally or intentionally, much more realistic damage from weapons… Basically everything will feel much more realistic and it’s focused on those intense moments; it’s going to be do or die and you’ve really got to be on your toes. There’ll also be a huge reduction in the HUD elements, so no crosshair, so if you want to aim and hopefully you’re not screen dotting, it’ll be really important to use the iron sights. Guys aren’t going to be shooting from the hip; you just can’t in reality. It’s to make it feel like a much more realistic version of Battlefield. We know there’s a group out there, and they may not be biggest but there are guys who want to experience that type of gameplay, especially from a game like Battlefield where you can have vehicles. Of course, when you do get in a vehicle, all those crosshairs and visual data is built into the game and it’s modelled from reality, just like the guns, so when you bring it up to your eye that’s what you see, and it’s the same in the vehicles. We’re not going to take away things that would make sense in the real world – I guess would be the better way to describe it. There’s nothing that would break that immersion in reality, no enemy icons, no mini-map, and this will also be a ranked game mode."


    Atacama Desert

    - Overhead View
    - Conquest Layout
    - "A Russian Naval Group is preparing a massive amphibious assault. Defending the shore are 3 U.S fortifications and a string of artillery defenses. Should the Russians establish a beachhead and overrun U.S. positions, they will be free to advance further inland. With weather deteriorating and sandstorms approaching, U.S. Command has consolidated all available forces to meet the Russian threat. As a result of the open ground, a large-scale armor battle supported by attack helicopters seems likely."

    Arica Harbor

    - Overhead View
    - Rush Layout
    - (has a conquest version - being withheld till later in march as free DLC)
    - "Following the results of the armor assault at Atacama, U.S Command insists on a similar action to capture the port of Arica. The assault group will launch a "break through" action directly at the Russian base. If the fight dictates, the Battle Group will cut directly through the town located on the axis of advance. Collateral damage is of no consequence. The Russian base must be destroyed in order to cross the desert and reach the port. Heavy casualties are expected on both sides."

    Laguna Presa

    - Overhead View
    - Rush Layout
    - Conquest Layout
    - "The valley and surrounding mountains possess a strategic value in the battle for South America. Construction of the nearby Dam was halted when hostilities broke out, but its presence is still a significant factor. Airborne operations are limited but infantry assault supported by light armor vehicles is likely by both armies. U.S Forces are massing all available units to stage a defense and have wired the dam to prevent it from falling into Russian hands."
    - Video

    Panama Canal

    - Overhead View
    - (conquest version - no image)
    - "Units in contact are being rotated out as a result of combat fatigue. Weeks of fighting have left the harbor in ruins and the surrounding area littered with destroyed equipment. Armored movement is hampered and deadly kill zones mare the ground. U.S Forces are staging an assault of the industrial port with the objective to seize, retain and exploit the area. Control of the canal will allow larger-scale Strategic Operations along the South West Pacific coast."
    - "Panama Canal features a tight battle with abandoned industrial buildings, vehicles, large ships, and piles of debris everywhere with billowing smoke off in the distance as the surround forest rages of fire while the surrounding city is bombarded by enemy ballistics. The map has a four-flag setup, with two flags being more focused on vehicle warfare with IFVs and MBTs. The center flags are infantry focused and the team in control of either centre flag will get access to an attack helicopter or an AA vehicle, respectively."
    - Video

    Port Valdez

    - Overhead View
    - Rush Layout
    - Conquest Layout
    -"Russian Forces are posed to attack the harbor in an attempt to seize the Trans Alaskan Pipeline. Without regard to arctic conditions, the area has been probed by Russian Pathfinders indicating an airborne assault is planned. U.S interrogation of captured Russian para's revealed that MBT's will be, or have been, airlifted into the area. All armor assets and attack helicopters are being diverted to the sector. No fallback exists for either side. This engagement will decide the outcome of the war."
    - "The battle for Port Valdez is fought alongside the waterline towards a great oil industrial landscape in the Alaskan mountains. Using basically everything they've got the Russian forces are launching an airborne assault to knock out the oil industries in the area. In their arsenal there are Main Battle Tanks as well as fast-moving Quad Bikes and mobile armored AA. It's a vehicle focused battle, but with plenty of infantry combat."

    Valparaiso Village

    - Overhead View
    - Rush Layout
    - "The American capture of Valparaiso is the next phase in their strategic plan to repel Russian Forces from Chile. Any U.S. invasion will inevitably consist of a land assault through the outlying jungle areas and an amphibious landing of infantry and armored forces along the coast. The U.S objective is the Power Station on the outskirts of the city. If the installation can be captured and services cut off, the liberation of the city will inevitably follow suit."

    Isla Inocentes

    - Overhead View
    - Rush Layout
    - "U.S. Forces are desperate to open a supply route for an Armored Battle Group engaged in fighting further inland. A Russian Artillery base controls the area and counters any breakout actions launched. The base is well defended and has been successful in repelling previous attacks. Destruction of the base and control of the woodlands will allow U.S Amphibious Forces to land and open a second front, which is critical in their plan to liberate South America."

    White Pass

    - Overhead View
    - Conquest Layout
    -"As the weather has cleared and snowfall relented, Russian Forces are massing for an assault on White Pass and the satellite relay station located there. The local town has not been attacked, but Russian units have probed defenses in the surrounding woods. The sector has strategic value to U.S Forces as it allows control of inland routes. Should the area fall into Russian hands, a line of advance will present itself directly to Nelson Bay."

    Nelson Bay

    - (rush version - no image)
    -"Winter halalalala hard. The river has frozen allowing heavy equipment and personnel to operate throughout the sector. However, the extreme weather and surrounding woods make it unlikely that any assault will consist of heavy armor. Satellite reconnaissance indicates Russian Special Forces and airborne units have been pulled away from South America and are gathering on mass. A nighttime assault is eminent. Nelson Bay harbors an underground U.S submarine base that will be defended at all cost."

    Laguna Alta

    - (conquest version - no image)
    - "Several days ago a large Russian counter attack overran U.S. Camp "Christopher" and destroyed a supply train carrying vital equipment. U.S Forces are mustering to recapture the area. They are trying to establish a buffer zone near the woodlands so their Battle Group can move unimpeded across the bridge connecting the opposing high ground. Intelligence reports and Recon patrols have exposed a large number of Russian troops and IFV's that have reinforced the camp since the attack occurred."

    Various Details
    - No Commander position in BC2 - source
    - No prone on any playform [Note: Dice said it was too much of a trouble to try fitting it in with fully destroyable environment]
    - Dog tags are in BC2
    - 1.6 second invincibility on spawn to prevent spawnkilling - "Players are invulnerable for exactly 1.6 seconds upon spawn, squad or regular. They are also invulnerable after being revived [presumably for 1.6 seconds as well]. Based on community feedback we will break this invulnerability should they zoom or fire their weapons during these 1.6 seconds."
    - Realistic magazine sizes, guns favor burst over full auto
    - Very slow health regeneration - impact is low
    - Killcam - attempts to show your killer from a close-in viewpoint that doesn't give away his position or movement. Also is intended to show your killers stats and weapon info. Negative feedback appears to be having an impact and changes are expected toward this feature.
    - Kit customization somewhat like in BF2142, but also vehicles can be customized
    - There will be motion detection and spotting system, which will work alike IDS / otus in BF2142
    - Choppers will handle differently in the PC version - similar to BF2 - source

    Squad System
    - Playercount for PC is bumped up to 32 players. If the game was optimized fo 12 vs 12 on consoles this could mean some maps on PC may feel crowded. Still 4 man squads.
    - All squad members have ability to spawn other squad members
    - PC version has "BF2/2142 style joining and leading and locking".
    - "The #BFBC2 spotting system is similar to the squad spotting system in 2142. Can't give too many details in 140 chars. Blog later" I'm guessing something like the red diamonds automatically appear when you loo

    Dedicated Server and Mod support
    - Dedicated servers for all platforms
    - Dedicated servers must be rented through an approved GSP. This is similar to BF2/2142.
    - Server owners will have limited control over server options. Specifics are unknown.
    - Unranked server files will not be released.
    - No mod tools at launch - very unlikely at all.
    - Anti-cheat system is through Punkbuster.
    - After working with Dice, PB bans will be able to support BC2

    Tech Talk/Destruction 2.0
    - Some bullet penetration. "Small arms will penetrate wood and thin metal, except for shotgun pellets. Brick you'll need something explosive to take down."
    - Micro and Macro destruction
    - Windows 7, Vista and XP support
    - DX9, 10 and 11 support
    - BC2 will only have a 32bit executable as there would be no practical benefits with a 64 bit exe
    - SLI/Crossfire support
    - Eyefinity support
    - No FPS cap
    - Support for Nvidia 3d Vision
    - No built-in benchmark tool - source

    -Achievement, rank and pin system
    -Singleplayer has been made longer and "better", no hints about co-op mode in it though
    -Vehicles are more durable/realistic, so some falls may not damage them at all
    -Should offer much to all gamer types (including teamplay and lonewolfing)
    -Skill ranking for weapons (Bronze / Silver / Gold) to brag with
    -Environment is much more vehicle friendly (no more: "oh I got stuck in the tree... BOOM")
    -Medic is still very important, but less dominant when compared to the importance of other classes
    - At the end of rounds each team gets a short cinematic movie - win and loss themes

    This post is a constant WIP. Credit to these people who helped contribute to this topic:

    -=)BiT(= Evant3k
    - Helpful post
    - images used in this topic come from various online sources - mostly official BC2 art
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    Re: What We Know So Far

    And if my gathered stuff isn't enough hear it from Van Dyke itself! (great demo gameplay walkthrough)
    There was too much stuff in this for me to list ;)


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      Re: What We Know So Far

      modding tools / player count are the BIG concerns with this game , and more imporantly, with this engine if its going to be used for a BF3.


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        Re: What We Know So Far

        I'm interested where the 12v12 number came from. Not saying that it's wrong. Just wondering.


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          Re: What We Know So Far

          Originally posted by fuzzhead View Post
          modding tools / player count are the BIG concerns with this game , and more imporantly, with this engine if its going to be used for a BF3.
          make up your own mind on this quote

          When pressed on whether the PC version will include modding tools, Van Dyke stated that while the situation is “really, really complicated” due to the game engine being in its infancy, he did offer some hope for the modding community.


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            Re: What We Know So Far

            Originally posted by Mixa View Post

            And if my gathered stuff isn't enough hear it from Van Dyke itself! (great demo gameplay walkthrough)
            There was too much stuff in this for me to list ;)
            This video is the best yet for clearly showing gameplay and explaining features !
            Great find Mixa


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              Re: What We Know So Far

              12 vs 12 only games? is that right ? if so thats lame .......



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                Re: What We Know So Far

                Not true floody. Some of the best games I have ever played have been small scale. Really looking forward to this

                |TG| Sproge "Tiger how did you flip that tank?!"
                |TG-SC| PM07SNV "We need another world war to base more games on..."
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                  Re: What We Know So Far

                  I'm a fan of smaller teams as well, but for me it's too early to form any sort of opinion on team sizes...

                  - -

                  "..good sportsmanship shouldn't be sacrificed in the name of teamwork. " --WhiskeySix


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                    Re: What We Know So Far

                    At first blush it looks like 12v12 betrays the large scale battlefield concept that the franchise has cultivated so far. However it does seem like the faster respawn times combined with spawning on any squad member will help make it feel like a larger scale battle than it actually is.


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                      Re: What We Know So Far

                      I'm a fan of small game sqds dont get me wrong my favourite game is RVS series (Tom Clancy)im just thinking how would that work in TG servers ? BF2 (PR) and BF 2142 servers ar packed nightly how would guys play with other players that are not in private TG sqds ? with only 12 vs 12 servers ? TG is going to need alot of servers up ?



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                        Re: What We Know So Far

                        I'm thinking smaller-sized battles are the trade-off for the extensive environmental damage system. 50 player battles plus everything on the field being blown to hell... might stress latency.


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                          Re: What We Know So Far

                          Originally posted by Mixa View Post

                          And if my gathered stuff isn't enough hear it from Van Dyke itself! (great demo gameplay walkthrough)
                          There was too much stuff in this for me to list ;)

                          My thoughts

                          Wow. It looks empty...very unlike BF, IMO. Maybe the game isn't full....

                          Lots of detail, looks great. Spawning on squad members is pretty cool. Nice stuff going on with the objectives/markers.

                          Oh man, is that a COD4 style insta knife button? Not sure how I feel about that.

                          Does it look to anyone else like the unlocks are linear? See how the next unlock for the engi is an XM8 carbine, and for medic is a M249 (medics with LMGs??)? Does that mean we're stuck with whatever they give us next?

                          I will always carry the 1911! Nothing better in the world.

                          I like the spotting system.

                          That was cool with the guard tower and the body flying....

                          I'm skeptical of his claims regarding the kill cam. Once people learn the maps, they will be able to recognize where someone is from the kill cam. There really isn't a way to do a kill cam and not give away the killer's position. It's the nature of the beast.

                          OK, it definitely looks like the medic is getting the LMGs. Very interesting choice.

                          LOL "Oh that's an interesting technique...engineers can repair vehicles, not just use the tool for micro destruction."

                          A sniper just knifed two soldiers. Yeah, I'm not liking the "omg knifepwned" button.

                          We'll see. I was hoping that the "destroy the shiny crate" game mode would focus combat a lot. I only ever saw one or two people. I don't know.


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                            Re: What We Know So Far

                            Didn't seem like they had a massive amount of players on (probably the dev team playing against themselves?). Plus, that was the PS3 version he was demo'ing. You can see a "press the circle button to enter" message at various times.


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                              Re: What We Know So Far

                              Britt, if it's anything like the original then there is no true medic, just a support class with health packs in the vein of ammo packs.




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