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  • Filling in the Blanks.

    I was looking at the weapons list just now, and I realized that there are blanks spaces. Also blank spaces in the in the gadgets and more in the specializations. There is one blank for each kit, and another in all kits in the weapons. For gadgets, assault has 4, Medic 6, Engi 3, Recon 5, and all a whopping 14. For Specs, Assault has 5 blanks, Medic has 3, Engi has 5, Recon 4, and All has 0.

    I think that a good weapon to finish off the All kits list would be a silenced M4. A 5.56 carbine is pure vanilla, been in BF since Desert Combat, and it adds a nice option for an assault player going for stealth or a medic who hates LMGs. Recon gets an SPR, which a silenced, semi auto only version of the M16. Engi gets a P90, just because I like P90s. Medic gets an FN MAG, one of the finest GPMGs ever made. Assault gets an Israeli Tavor with attached GL because its a bullpup and sexy.

    I don't know about gadgets. Giving Assault a flash grenade is a good call, maybe a CS launcher?

    I don't know about medic...their gadget slot should always have a defib, so I'm not sure there is any point in giving them anything else.

    Engineers need a Stinger for those pesky helos, and I think giving them a Milkor six shot grenade launcher would be cool. Also, the Russians (I think) made an antitank mine that attacked from the side, basically a claymore for vehicles. Add that for the drivers who are smart enough to not run over mines. So that fills that kit up.

    Recon....hmm. Add the claymore, but make it command detonated. Make them sit watching their little traps. Make sure the claymore can't harm M-COM stations.

    Really not sure about specializations. I'm not really wild about them anyway. Kind of CODish for me.

    So what are your thoughts?



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