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    Been over at the EA forums for BC2. It's like searching a sewer for the rings people drop down the sink. Found out some good stuff, but you have to wade through loads of crap.

    First of all, apparently the Russian APC in the beta is an AA version of the standard. The standard is just like the Bradley, with an autocannon and a HMG for F2.

    I also found out the various weapons that the vehicle perk VALT gives you. VALT activates the alternate weapons (RMB) for both occupants of the vehicle. Thus, a good tank team will want one guy with VALT and another with a different vehicle perk. That's been kind of confirmed, but I see balance issues, so I would not be surprised to see that change.

    Anyway, here's the list. A question mark indicates that the info is not confirmed.

    Tank Driver: Coaxial MG
    Tank Gunner: Accuracy Boost?
    BMD3 IFV/Bradley Driver: TOW missile (the stationary AT weapon)
    BMD3 IFV/ Bradley Gunner: Accuracy Boost?
    BMD3 AA Driver: Coaxial MG
    BMD3 AA Gunner: Accuracy Boost?
    Apache Driver*: Hellfire Missile (heavy AT missile, locks onto tracer darts)
    Apache Gunner*: Tracer Dart
    Blackhawk Driver: Flares

    *I assume the Mi-28, the Russian attack chopper, will be similar. It should be, it's a virtual copy of the Apache.

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    Re: Vehicle Info

    Nice find Brit!

    Oh, and:

    Apache Driver*: Hellfire Missile (heavy AT missile, locks onto tracer darts)
    Apache Gunner*: Tracer Dart

    Hell yah. That is all.

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      Re: Vehicle Info

      Should really refer to driver/gunner and cupola/CROWS gunner properly, us PR (and, I'd assume, anyone from ArmA2?) folks are going to be lost. I know I was. I was thinking that the main gun on all tanks was getting an accuracy boost; that would have made me infinitely sad, but then I realized what we are playing. Anyway, now that I got past that...

      I think it's really stupid they completely forgo-ed realism on the Attack Helicopter Gunner standpoint, but I guess it's better than nothing or the magical TV-Guided missles...




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