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Friends List Working (kind of)

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  • Friends List Working (kind of)

    The newest build of the Beta has the Friends List partly functional.

    As of right now, you are able to send and receive friend requests, and they will actually be accepted, adding the friend to your friends list. :row__577:

    However, the friends list itself does not seem to be accurate yet as to the online status of your friends, or the servers they are on. So no joining off a friend yet. Still a step in the right direction.

    So start adding all your TG friends!

    (*note as of this posting, the Steam update had not yet been posted, so Steam users may not be able add people yet)

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    Re: Friends List Working (kind of)

    I've joined on my brother, who also has the beta. It doesn't show that he's in a server or anything, but if I click the arrow on the right side, it joins on him. I have the non-steam version.

    It's a lot faster to join on someone than load the server list for me - takes about thirty seconds to come up most times.




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