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TG:BC2 Community Expectations

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  • TG:BC2 Community Expectations

    Community Expectations

    This document was developed by the admin team to set the course for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at TacticalGamer. It explains what to expect immediately following release of the game, how we intend to move forward, details on what's expected of you, the player, and what you should expect from your admins. We know it's a lot of words, but we'd appreciate you reading it :)

    BC2 has the potential to be a flagship game at TacticalGamer: It looks like DICE has provided a great framework in which we can share creative, team-based, tactical gameplay. However, for BC2 to achieve it's potential here, the game needs active support from you, the player.

    Server Settings and Rules
    When the game is first released, we'll be running with primarly default, out of the box settings. During this time, the admin team will be enforcing a relatively small number of server-rules (TG-wide rules such as no bunny-hopping, TKing, etc). As our collective experience grows as a community, we will expand the rule set where necessary to ensure an appropriate server environment.

    The Gameplay Experience
    The immediate week or two following release will be somewhat chaotic. What you experience during this time will be drastically different from what you experience a month after release. Remember that the game server (players, rules, maps, weapons, admin-tools, etc, etc) you played on before BC2 has had many months, or even many years to mature. As with any new release, there will be bugs; there will be balance issues; there will be weapons and vehicles that don't work like they "should"; there will be maps you love and others you don't care for. Expecting a bumpy-road now will help reduce any potential frustration later.

    It's also important to keep in mind that you will be playing along side players with very diverse backgrounds, play-style preferences, and experience levels. Some will have played the beta-version extensively, while for others, this will be the first foray into the world of First Person Shooters. Regardless of what minor differences exist between us, remember that we're here at TG because we ALL value the same thing in our games: vocal teamwork, creative combat strategies, an immersive experience, mutual-respect, and good sportsmanship.

    Community Responsibilities
    During the days and weeks immediately following release, it is you, the player, that will shoulder the responsibility of making the server(s) a success. The biggest thing you can do as a player is to remember why you first joined TacticalGamer, and pass that gift along! Specific things we need from all players to help with a successful launch:
    • Have fun! This is at the top of the list for a reason! It's especially important during the initial 'break-in period', that we don't take things too seriously or competitively. If you hang your hopes on a great K/D ratio or an ultra-realistic combat experience, you may be disappointed. Instead, during those hopeless rounds where the teams seem stacked or the map seems unbalanced, find a way to enjoy the small things in-game that make it fun. (Like golf, where one amazing shot lets you forget about all the triple bogeys and lost golf balls)
    • Have patience! Have patience with your fellow gamers as they learn and adapt to the new game. Have patience with the game itself, remembering it's an initial version. Finally, have patience with the [volunteer] admin-team as we work to support the community.
    • Leave your preconceptions at the door! While Bad Company 2 is part of the Battlefield franchise, we all need to remember that BC2 is a completely new and totally separate game. Rules and long standing Standard Operating Procedures from other games may not apply here. We will develop both of those things together as a community.
    • Give logical, fact-based feedback! We'll be developing server-rules after substantial consideration of all community feedback. If one person, after a bad day at work, has one bad experience, in one moment of one round, it's not going to carry a lot of weight. On the other hand, when we see a trend, detailed by numerous unemotional, fact-based reports, we can begin adapting our policies. How did something spoil the gameplay? How often does that happen? Why does it happen? Are there any in-game counters? Do we know if it's an intended feature?
    • Educate and Build the Community! As you learn things, share them in the forums. If you perceive that someone is new in-game, give them a friendly "hey did ya know...". When you find a tactic that works, don't keep it for your own advantage or share exclusively with the players in your IHS. We have no doubt that the TacticalGamer community will step up here - tactics, map guides, vehicle/weapon reviews, etc, are bread and butter of our experienced player base. (... and don't be afraid to use google-friendly thread titles ;))
    • Inspire! We want people to never forget the first time they play BF:BC2 with us. Every time you play, you have the opportunity to make this kind of impression:
      Originally posted by Wimpinator
      I always played on random pubbie servers during the vanilla BF2 days. The game consisted of the normal pub play with bunny hopping and never being in a squad. One night I was playing on a random server and 3 guys were in a squad. I joined and they were talking and actually playing as a squad. I remember that they got into a vodnik and a there wasn't room for me. One of those guys got out so that we could run together for cover. I had no idea that level of teamwork existed in online games. I frequented that server but those guys never showed up again so I started doing the google search thing and came across threads talking about TG.

      I joined a game here. The first round ended in the infamous river standoff. I had been playing BF2 for a long time and that was the first time I ever played in a coordinated defense. I was hooked from there.

      I never saw those three guys again and still have no idea who they were but they totally changed the way that I looked at online games.

    Admin Responsibilities
    The BC2 admin-team is made of volunteers that are here to serve TG first, the BC2 community at TG (you) second, and themselves never. Our primary role as administrators is to police the servers by enforcing rules in an unbiased and unemotional way. We're also responsible for translating community sentiment into codified game policy.

    The admin-team is assembled with admins from diverse gaming backgrounds - to best represent the diverse player backgrounds that will be part of the BC2 community here. As is the case with every other game at TG, if at any time you perceive that an admin is being condescending or disrespectful in any other way, please don't hesitate to contact the Battlefield Game Officer directly via PM [FBmantis].

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    Re: REQUIRED READING: BC2 Community Expectations

    And remember, if you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask an admin.


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      Re: REQUIRED READING: BC2 Community Expectations

      If you haven't read this yet, now's a good time ;)


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        Re: REQUIRED READING: BC2 Community Expectations

        Excellent write-up, Whiskey.
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          Re: TG:BC2 Community Expectations

          There's good stuff in here.


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            Re: TG:BC2 Community Expectations

            Good stuff, read it trough. I will try to use more tactics on BFBC2, though the game is still new and things need to be refined.
            Foxwolves or folves for short are very versatile. Sniper, engineer, soldier, strategist, medic, commando.
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              Re: TG:BC2 Community Expectations

              Nice write up as always Whiskey and good info.





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