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    So I've been wondering how exactly this will work. I busted out the Google, and found out this. If you look at the trailer DICE released for Squad Deathmatch, at the 1:05 mark it shows the spawn screen. The devs of course, have all the unlocks. So I used some pause fu and came up with this.

    Now, there are two slots for your kit, and one for your vehicle spec. You cannot mix and match any spec, but must pick one from list 1 and one from list 2.

    List 1
    Sprint Upgrade adds speed
    Ammo Upgrade doubles load for primary weapon and sidearm
    Grenade Upgrade doubles your nade count
    Explosives Upgrade doubles C4/rocket count
    Red Dot Scope
    ACOG scope

    The medics power boost that increases the rate of heal goes here.

    List 2
    Armor Upgrade
    Marksman Bullets (accuracy boost)
    Explosive Damage Boost

    Assault, Engi, and Medic each have a an accuracy booster spec (better grip, silencer, or heavier barrel) that slide here. Which is odd because the marksman's bullet spec already gives an accuracy boost.

    In addition the medics range extender goes here. Also, it appears the auto spotting unlock for Recon goes here.

    List 3

    Vehicle Sensors
    Vehicle Armor
    Vehicle Warhead
    Vehicle Reload
    Vehicle Smoke
    Vehicle Zoom
    Vehicle Alt

    The most interesting thing, to me at least, is that a medic who chooses to max their healing power will be at a disadvantage in combat. So you can choose to play as basically a soldier who can revive, or as a health guy that can fight if needed. I don't think that

    I don't know. By leaving the second slot with only three choices, I think you're going to see most people defaulting to heavy armor. Unless the more potent explosives makes the RPG a TOW level missile, the ability soak up more damage is also going to win out. Especially since it comes without the mobility penalty it had in 2142.

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    Re: Specialization Details


    They are not Marksman Bullets, they are Magnum Bullets now, and they provide a damage boost, not an accuracy boost.

    So for slot 2 you will either:

    Do more damage with bullets.
    Do more damage with exposives
    Have a more accurate weapon (maybe not for Recon)
    Be able to soak up more bullets.


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      Re: Specialization Details

      Seemed like around 95% of the people in the PS3 beta were using the body armor upgrade in slot 2. It made a big difference too; you could definitely tell when you were fighting someone with that upgrade. I saw a few with the explosives perk, which would be really helpful as an engineer, or an assault who likes to use the GL.
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        Re: Specialization Details

        Why not make bullet vest in slot 1, and teh optics and stuff in slot 2?
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          Re: Specialization Details

          Originally posted by DeltaFart View Post
          Why not make bullet vest in slot 1, and teh optics and stuff in slot 2?
          It kind of looks like slot one is for weapons and slot two is for your soldier...except not really.

          Hell it really makes no sense at all. I hoped that there would be two slots and anything could go into those slots. Full customization, that's what I want. Alas, it's not to be.


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            Re: Specialization Details

            I Also got a shotgun ammo boost for Spec 2, very early on in the game. Its not on your list
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              Re: Specialization Details

              Originally posted by Displacio View Post
              I Also got a shotgun ammo boost for Spec 2, very early on in the game. Its not on your list
              It only pops up when you equip a shotgun. I didn't play the PS3 beta so I'm not sure exactly how the kit setup screen looks with a shotgun equipped.




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