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    We should have captain's matches. While this isn't a tournament, it'd be perfect for say, AARs, and creating events, and or marketing / generating interest. This is where:

    2 captains nominate themselves (see volunteer), for the event on a weekend, generally ahead of schedule. People then go to the designated server, passworded. Password provided probably to SM's only, depending on the amount of interest, or open to anyone who visits this forum. TS3 is a requirement in this case, and the teams are sorted out on TS3, draft style (first pick is determined by number guessing game, second and third pick goes to captain who loses the first pick). First captain also gets to decide starting side (though in this game it doesnt matter much yet). Then its game ON!, and getting everyone ready for organized gaming! Probably requires like 10 minutes of pre-setup time after enough people show up, which should be done before the actual game time.

    The map/mode should probably be predetermined to minimize setup time. Will require a separate SOP for higher level play maybe. I think this would be awesome? Someone slap me if I'm totally wrong. This sounds so good time its probably already in the works (looks at Whiskey).

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    Re: Captain's Matches

    I'm sure the admin team will be looking for input on events (password nights, captains matches, etc). Sometimes it just takes an individual contacting the admin team and working it out with them.
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