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  • Cannot Connect to Servers

    So I was on our HC server (which was astoundingly not HC, it reset sometime during the night on normal, killcam, etc mode) when suddenly the server went down again. Then I started getting this "Cannot connect to EA Online" problem. Now it's plaguing me through reboots, a complete uninstall and reinstall, etc.

    I can login to my account after a few seconds, but 1/2 the time when "retrieving my stats" it times out with a Cannot Connect to EA Online" message, however i'm still logged in. I can see people on my friends list, but since only one is playing and the server is full, i can't connect.

    When I DO connect, it times out on the server browser with the same message, though i'm still considered logged in. When this happens, more often then not, if i sit there after hitting cancel, the empty server browser suddenly explodes in population, while the screen updates at about 1fps, slowing all input down. It continues until i can drag my mouse to the Main button and hit logoff. Once i'm logged off, it's fine again, until i login and the process repeats.

    Anyone else just started having this problem?

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    Re: Cannot Connect to Servers

    Yup, pretty much everyone on TS is reporting issues with both EA and the TG servers. So no worries, go eat a sandwich and hopefully all will be good when you come back.


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      Re: Cannot Connect to Servers

      Hrm... I just ate a sandwich and it's still happening. :/
      I was having more luck with HC servers. Even those were hard to stay in, but I could not connect to regular rush or conquest at all.

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        Re: Cannot Connect to Servers

        Trying connect tonight has been a pain. Perseverance won the day after about 1/2 hour.
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          Re: Cannot Connect to Servers

          Bisc, that was when I dropped from you squad in HC - I was having the same issue, and I went and ate a sandwich. Hopefully it has stopped now.




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