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Tactical Gamer University; Info, Request and Announcements

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  • Tactical Gamer University; Info, Request and Announcements

    The purpose of this post is to give new and old members of Tactical Gamer an overview of what TGU is and what direction we are moving in. Tactical Gamer University is the training branch of the Tactical Gamer community. We offer a wide range of courses over a wide range of games. Our job is both to teach the TG way and also improve the combat effectiveness of our students. Currently TGU haven't been able to get a dedicated BC2 team up and running but we have people like DrBeat, LpBronco and Arithea that have expressed an interest in teaching courses for BC2. This is not a lot of people for one of the bigger games at TG and therefore If you are interested in teaching read the bottom of this post.

    This thread is a place where you can get a quick overview of TGU activity in BC2, what courses we are offering and courses that are under development. Classes will also be announced in this thread. If you have an idea for a course or something that you think you need help with write a request here and the TGU staff for BC2 will look over it when we have a dedicated BC2 staff.

    As mentioned earlier the BC2 branch of TGU needs to grow. We need new instructors otherwise we are not going to be able to offer very many courses. So if you think you have the time to check TGU forum and help develop courses and teach a course once every 3 or 4 months feel free to apply. The only requirement is that you have been a member of TG for 6 months and that you are a supporting member. Your application will be discussed among the instructors and admins for BC2. If we think that you bring something useful then you will be accepted. Applications should be sent to me (Katanama) via PM.
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    Re: Tactical Gamer University; Info, Request and Announcements

    Hey I believe that this is an excellent idea. I am interested to learn and build up a stronger kdr while being a teamplayer plus TG players are always tactically smarter and it would be great to learn from them.




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