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Thanks for last night on Server #1

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  • Thanks for last night on Server #1

    I needed my BC2 fix, but didn't feel like playing hardcore. I saw a lone player on the TG #1 server and joined.

    It wasn't the best 1v1 game I've had on other servers. This guy wasn't chatting, insisted on running the tank to take MCOMs, but I was getting a few kills on him and it wasn't bad. A TGer I didn't recognize hopped in and switched sides to play with this guy. Cool I thought, this could be fun. Yeah it got worse for awhile, they were hellbent on rolling over me and humiliating me. I grinned and bore the brunt of their fun. I started to get very frustrated on the next map that was conquest, they took all the control points and decided to only attack me using 40mm and only 2 v 1. Didn't seem very TG to me, not really giving me a fighting chance, but then I had a guy called Capt. Howdy join my side.

    Howdy was chatty and we starting to have some fun. The other team insisted on using tanks and it got to be too much when they rolled their tank into our UCB. I posted several times first asking the guy to leave the UCB then demanding it, I actually had to get an admin (thank you troublesome4u) to kick the guy. It bothered me that the other TG guy wasn't trying to get his teammate to pull out of our UCB. Well with the other player kicked Capt. Howdy and I took C and pushed up to B. I'd say I was getting even by playing the guy 2v1, but I'd unload 1/3 of a LMG mag into this guy and get over 1/2 a dozen hit indicators and he was still running around. I needed Howdy to have a fighting chance against this guy. I kept Howdy out of the tanks and out of their UCB and we had a good round.

    The next round the other TG guy left, with no score, Howdy and I duked it out on the next map repeatedly. Talking BS to each other, it was a blast. |TG-55|BBMAG joined and I joined him in TS and it helped to 'find' each other, we were on opposing teams. Poor BB kept getting disconnected.

    Then all of a sudden we were joined by quite a few people, |TG-55|DrakenViater, Armored Bear, Vitamin187. Personally what made it a blast is that we weren't worried about points or winning, we were all in the same TS channel, just having a great time. Vitamin was trying to knife everyone, I ended up on a roof with my pistol out shooting at enemies at the farthest control point and actually getting kills!! By the end of the round, the server was about 1/2 full I'd say, mostly non-TGers, and I ended up calling it a night. I think the only person that joined us on TS was Zhohar. I'm pretty sure he was really confused as to why both teams were in one channel :D I don't remember hearing him much, but I think he had fun ;)

    Anyways thanks for the fun TG, it's good to know we can still all just hang out and have some fun and not be die hard serious all of the time.
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    Re: Thanks for last night on Server #1

    Great job seeding Server #1.

    I too, am not a fan of hardcore. Nothing against it, it just isn't my style. I saw server #1 empty, and decided to just play BF:Heroes with my sister (yay family quality time).

    I wish I checked back in. I think that was my last chance to get a few rounds until next week. :(


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      Re: Thanks for last night on Server #1

      I went pub raiding on Squad Rush. That's actually a neat little game mode, if you ever feel like trying it, hop down into the channel in TS.




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