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  • what not to do in the servers

    just wondering where its posted about not what a tg member is allowed to do in the servers. now i know about no bunnyhopping, cursing, tking, ect, but i put ATM's (Anti-Tank Mines) on an mcom station along with a friendly putting c4 on it, and i was told by someone from tg i am not allowed to use atm's that way. so after i was told i wasn't allowed to do that i stopped. but i still see a few tg members not to do that even when i tell them not to do it. what i am trying to ask is where on the forums do we have that can tell us what not to do on this game, and what is ok? plus i checked out under the sticky server rules & info, in the ts part where it says,
    Examples of what we do NOT want to hear broadcast on team-wide radio:-
    "This game has pretty bad language, huh?"
    - "spawning in now"
    - "man that Bradley is totally owning us!"
    - "ohhhhh!!!"
    - "got to admit, this M1 is NICE"
    - "why are games always Russian versus US?"
    - "I just had to stab somebody three times!"
    - "ah man, I was changing my options!"
    - "it's pretty hard to see people in this brush huh?"
    - "hahahahaha, I tagged an infantry, someone take him out with a rocket!!"
    - "man, this turret is all glitchy"
    - "what squad are we again?"
    - "I'm in the UAV now"
    - "good shooting"
    - "is the bloom excessive for anyone else?"
    the part where it says, - "spawning in now" i disagree with that one, if i dont say it for one of my squad members that is on teamspeak with me, chances are they gonna spin around and not notice im on their team and do a spray and prey and find out i was in his squad. i always say, "able spawning on you in 2 seconds" he says, "ok" and i spawn in and live (well for a few before the enemy hoses me down), but sometimes i forget to mention it to an ally i am spawning on and i get shot up. but thats just my 2cents.

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    Re: what not to do in the servers

    Mcoms are not vehicles. The mines in the game are clearly for vehicles. If you are in the habit of using mines to damage or destroy mcoms, please do not do so on our servers. If you do see someone doing this, please report it to the best of your ability, including chat, teamspeak and the contact an admin forum.

    - In the process, I have discovered that I can make iron bolts with my butt****.




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