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  • scrims

    just wondering, but have a few friends and they looking for other clans for some scrims, who does the scims for bad company 2. the clan that my friends are in is baptized by fire. so if anyone can point me in the direction i need to talk to about it, they are interested in doing a few with some peeps.

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    Re: scrims

    You could post on the Contact an admin forum above the stickys or approach one of the resident IHS's that play BC2 actively. Most of the IHS's have some kind of contact info in their Wiki pages.
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      Re: scrims

      This is from:

      If you are interested in Competitive Gameplay Practice mIRC can help get you started in the right direction. Whether your by yourself, or have a group mIRC can assist you in finding opposition that adheres to the competitive formats required by sites like TWL. For this reason alone mIRC should become a staple in your "Taskbar".

      Getting Started:

      First things first lets get this program up and running - Get mIRC, just go HERE:

      Next lets get it installed - If your running a pre Vista Operating System just double click the executable. If your running anything Post XP right click the executable and "Run as Administrator" and do a default installation.

      Setting up ur Settings and get Connected:

      Every time you start mIRC u'll see the "About mIRC" screen that will prompt you to Register or Continue, there is no need to ever Register, just click Continue.

      On your first start-up it will automatically prompt the "mIRC Options" screen (you can also reach this at any time by either pressing (alt+o) or navigating on the Title Bar under Tools>Options). Now for the basic settings.

      * Full Name: Your Handle Here
      * Email Address: Your Email Here (I use a junkemail address of mine)
      * Nickname: |Your Tags Here|Your Handle Here (Represent)
      * Alternative: If your first choice is taken mIRC will use this
      * Leave Invisible mode checked by default

      Once you have the Connect menu done lets move onto the Servers menu, located directly under the Connect menu in the Category window on the right side of the mIRC Options screen. This is seriously where most ppl get confused (SmaCkexe), but trust me we'll get through this together.

      In the IRC Servers window scroll down and locate the "GameSurge" folder, open it with a double click. Left click "Random server" to highlight it, then either double click it to select it or click on the "Select" button on the right side of the mIRC Options screen. Once you select a server you will automatically be brought back the the Connect window, directly under the Invisible mode checkbox you should now see the following - Server: GameSurge: Random server - if you see anything other then that your a retard, go back to the Server settings and try again, if your not a retard simply click on the Connect button beneath the server listing.

      Join a Channel and Start Spamming:

      You will now be automatically brought to the "mIRC Favorites" menu, you can also reach this menu from the Title Bar Favorites>Organize Favorites or simply press (alt+j). Much like a web browser, here is where you will manage your channels/bookmarks/favorites.

      Add an mIRC Channel to favorites: On the right side of the mIRC Favorites screen click "Add"

      * Channel: #bc2scrim
      * Under Options: Tick Join on connect
      * Leave Everything Else Alone
      * Click "OK"

      You should now see the #bc2scrim channel in your favorites list, select it and click one of the Join buttons on the mIRC Favorites screen.

      Thats pretty much it, that wasn't so hard was it, your now an mIRC monkey CONGRATS!!

      Key notes:

      You should probably add the - #bc2ringer - Channel to your favorites as well. For those of you who don't know a "Ringer" is someone who does not have a squad or team with them ATM but is looking to scrim, essentially a sub or a pickup. So you'll want to use this channel to either Ring for someone or get a ringer or two if you don't have enough for your scrim.

      Just so you know mIRC was the first online messaging system ever for PC's. Programmers used it basically to communicate and send script to each other over the Internet before there was Internet. It is the grandfather of all message based comms, AIM, XFire, ect, ect.

      There are a few manor-isms in mIRC, but one that I try abide by is "Idling". It is polite to "Idle" in a channel that you visit often. Idling simply mean to stay logged into the channel as much as possible, so if you one of those ppl who leave your PC running 24/7 like me, just leave mIRC running in the background and stay connected to you favorite channels to show your support for that channel.




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