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  • Ribbons and You

    So, raise your hand if you've ever submitted a ribbon nomination.

    Raise them high so Ribbons can see them! Yeah I'm talking to you in the back with the iPod!

    Hmmm. Not many of you. That's rather unfortunate, ribbons are an awesome way to recognize your peers for excellence on the battlefield, or even here, in the forums.

    Why should I submit a nomination? Won't somebody else do it?

    Believe it or not, a lot of people have this attitude about ribbon nominations. But when everyone has the attitude, nobody writes the nomination to recognize the outstanding person!

    I'm lazy, will it take a long time?

    When writing a nomination, Ribbons isn't asking you to write a multi-page essay on the action. All Ribbons needs is a good description of the action performed so that the admins can properly vote on the ribbon and decide whether or not to award it.

    A nice way to do this is to notice something awesome, jot it down really quick with a detail or two, then write up the ribbon when you get out of game.

    How do ribbons work? It's all smoke and mirrors to me!

    Well, it's a rather simple multi-step process.

    1. Submit your nomination - Decide which currently supported service ribbon describes the action performed and write up your nomination. Check out the example nominations to help shape your nomination. Post it in the submit a nomination forum. Nominating more than one person per nomination is perfectly fine.

    2. Ribbon is submitted - One of the ribbons minions will reply to your nomination letting you know that the ribbon has been submitted. The minion in question may help you shape your nomination a bit to help you be sure that it will be accepted.

    3. Ribbon is voted upon - Be patient! This can take a week or two.

    4. Ribbon is approved/denied - If the ribbon is denied, the nomination will be replied to giving telling you why it was denied. At this point, it is possible to improve or tweak the nomination with extra details. If approved, it will not be replied to.

    5. Ribbon is awarded - The ribbon will go up in the Ribbons blog with a brief description, and will be posted in the awards presentation forum.

    Someone a really good shot? How about Combat Action?

    Did Delta squad just to an amazing job at breaking through enemy lines? How about Valorous Unit?

    Is there an engineer doing an phenomenal job keeping all the vehicles running and being generally awesome? How about Distinguished Engineer?

    Is there a medic running around, saving tickets left and right? How about Distinguished Medic?

    Is there someone who is generally a great example of what TG is and shows it in TS and on the forums? How about Distinguished Conduct?

    That's simply a few examples of ribbons. You can find the full list here.

    The most common reason that we don't see many ribbon nominations is because here at TG, the bar is set really high. But let's just take a step back for a moment, and all preconceptions put aside, simply stop to sniff the flowers, and realize what a great job the people around you on the battlefield are doing.

    Ribbons are more than just badges that you get to parade around in your signature; it's a way to give a great pat on the back to someone being excellent.

    So in conclusion, ribbons is....

    Acknowledge your teammates' Outstanding and Distinguished efforts: Submit a nomination!

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    Re: Ribbons and You

    Does it require AWESOME, award winning, authorship to write a nomination?


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      Re: Ribbons and You

      Originally posted by oniell121 View Post
      Does it require AWESOME, award winning, authorship to write a nomination?
      Random Guy - I would like to nomin—

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        Re: Ribbons and You

        Ah yes, thanks. Much clearer now.


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          Re: Ribbons and You

          Good to know. I guess I don't see enough BC2-awarded ribbons out there.




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