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Gunning With Xeil, 11/09/2010

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  • Gunning With Xeil, 11/09/2010

    Just a quick note on some spectacular teamwork last night while playing in a squad with the Xeil, Siker, and Bitmouse.

    We were on the small winter map with the frozen stream and the small village.

    Following Xeil's lead, we kept enemy from cutting across the river below the UAV station, then moved closer to the station and supressed enemy forces in that area, and finally advanced near an enemy M-Com on that side of the map near the end of the game.

    I do not have a video record of the action, but with very little verbal communication we managed to coordinate fire on targets, and hold and own that area. I find this 'tactic' (strategy?) of holding a zone very effective in BC2 as it allows for maximum situation awareness (one does not have to constantly readjust to new surroundings -- which is not so much a problem for those very familiar with the maps).

    My point here is not to tell others how to play ... just what works for me.

    The 12th's Xeil is, as we all know, a highly skilled fighter and showed great skill with the medic's heavy MG.

    Siker, I believe it was, did excellent work from a hill top vantage point throughout most of the round. We never gave ground to the enemy.

    I muted all players in TS except my squad members. I find this works best for me as I do not yet recognize all your voices, and this ensures I am only getting information relevant to my squad's situation (I realize I loose some information from the team, but the trade-off pays for me).

    Unfortunately, the habit of squad hopping, the lack of clear SL authority, and an unwillingness to 'follow the leader' often degrades the experience of playing as a squad in BC2.

    I look forward to running with players who will keep to the squad-based tradition of play.

    BTW, is there anyway to stop the mini map from rotating? I want north to be at the top always. I cannot find the option in the options...

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    Re: Gunning With Xeil, 11/09/2010

    Gotta love Xeil :)




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