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    Hello there! I'm sure many of you are aware of this, but it's always nice to have a refresher!

    Hi, um, I'm on server, and I need an admin, what do I do?

    A few choices there:

    1. Teamspeak: An admin can typically be found on TS. Check the BC2 Admin channel, as well as the team channels (we play the game too;)). BF admins will have <BF Admin> on their TS name to make them easy to spot. Just grab their attention by jumping in channel, or even chat.

    2. Server: Admins will watch the server, even if not playing. Typing something like "admin" or "reporting" will flag one's attention.
    EDIT: See THIS thread.

    3. Chat: Some admins will be on Steam or Xfire, and can be alerted that way.

    Hey, someone is breaking a rule on server, how do I tell an admin?

    Easiest way is to flag one on chat. Type "admin" or "reporting," and put in what the person did along with their name. Putting their name in there is the most important part! Putting it in squad chat is often the best way.

    Do: <SQUAD> admin reporting 1337man for jihad jeep

    Don't: stop jihading you idiot

    I told the person breaking the rule not to do that again and they said "okay." That's good, right?

    Yes, as long as you keep it without a threat of action. For example:

    Do: Hey 1337man, don't go into the ucb, it's against server rules.

    Don't: 1337man, you will be kicked if you go into the ucb again.

    Even if you just want to teach a player the rules with a reminder, giving the admin team a name helps us know who to watch for a repeat offense.
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