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Motion detecting recon balls

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  • Motion detecting recon balls

    1) Motion balls will not detect you if you stand still.
    I've kept this one for myself and my squadmates for long enough. You can change the direction that you are looking at (move your mouse), but as long as you do not actually move, you will not be detected by the motion balls. Standing from a crouch? Jumping? I do not know if those will trigger the motion balls.

    2) Recon balls are active as soon as they leave your hand
    This means that if you do a far throw, the ball will scan the area near you as it travels forward.

    3) A new recon ball cancels your previously thrown recon balls.
    You can only have one recon ball active at a time.

    4) A ball will beep if an enemy moves within its detection radius.
    This holds true for both enemy and friendly balls. If you hear it beeping, it means that the recon ball is detecting an enemy. The enemy could be you if the recon ball was deployed by the enemy, meaning that you will know when you've been detected. The balls do not sound off on friendlies.

    5) Ammo hub + recon = radar
    If you're within the vicinity of a ammo hub, you an opportunity to keep throwing recon balls. Remember that only one can be active at a time. This scenario is useful when the first recon ball does not detect an enemy: just throw out another ball in a different direction. If that one does not get detect the bad guys, try a different angle.

    6) Your whole team can see active friendly recon balls and enemies detected by them.
    Even when 3d is turned off, enemies will appear on the mini-map and on the full size map. If you're on a hardcore server, you can hit M to bring up the full size map, and you will see detected enemies and active recon balls. Recon balls deployed by the enemy will not show up on your map.

    7) TG = teamwork
    Pay attention to your team's position. Is there an area where you suspect enemies to be that is not currently being scanned? Throw a recon ball that way. If the area is already being scanned (and you can tell via your map), do not bother wasting another recon ball on it. Two recon balls on the same spot do not stack.

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    Re: Motion detecting recon balls

    video I did for the TG youtube site
    the details of the motion ball are key to know and make a difference


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      Re: Motion detecting recon balls


      - In the process, I have discovered that I can make iron bolts with my butt****.


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        Re: Motion detecting recon balls

        Excellent, excellent, *excellent* video, Silver. Like always :) A couple of specific questions that the video doesn't address:

        1) Does jumping cause the motion sensor to detect you?

        2) Does rotating the vehicle's turret cause the vehicle to light up?

        3) Does going prone... Oh, right.

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