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A great idea to encourage more teamwork and tactics in BC2

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  • A great idea to encourage more teamwork and tactics in BC2

    Well I think it's as great idea anyways, because it's MY idea, lol :madsmile:

    This isn't something TG could do anything about, but would have to be changed by EA/Dice. Let me see what you guys think about this.

    (This is assuming a 32 player server). Total squads on a team should be limited to 4 total, locking squads is no longer an option, and no one is able to spawn until they are a member of a squad. If you think about, this would force more efficient squads. No one or two man locked squads. Also, a disarray of 5 or 6 partially filled squads would no longer be a sight.

    In addition, only ONE member of each squad may be a sniper. Once someone in a squad spawns as a sniper, no one else in that squad may spawn as a sniper. Nothing pisses me off more than looking down at my squad list to see 2 or 3 sniper symbols. In fact, maybe limiting snipers to 2 per team would be better, because if you limit snipers to one per squad, 1/4, that means a quarter of your team or a quarter of the whole server could still be snipers.

    Either way, limiting snipers and forcing everyone into full squads would make the game a much better experience.

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    Re: A great idea to encourage more teamwork and tactics in BC2

    nice suggestion! Glad to see you're looking to make things more teamwork oriented.

    Unfortunately there are a few holes. Like you said, these changes can only legally be made on DICE's end. Furthermore, there are a maximum of 8 squads per team (i think). With a 32 player server, thats a max of 16 players per team, meaning with 8 squads, you can still spread out the players so that theres only 1 or 2 players per squad (with some having 3 or 4, obviously).

    As for limiting snipers, I've learned in TG more than any place that just because you're a recon, doesn't mean you're just sitting back sniping, even if you equip a sniper rifle. Many players here use a recon kit with a shotgun. While not technically a sniper, they contribute a lot to the team, and don't sit back by any means. Besides, I'm not quite sure how feasible it is to limit a specific loadout/gun. Many players here who do use a sniper rifle don't just sit back with it. I can name a handful of players here who push the front line tactically with a sniper rifle, and do so with annoying effectiveness (ahem Ostry & the VSS/SVU). I'd hate to take away these players and play styles due to server limitations.

    Based on my experience with other games, class limitations are far from effective. Players who do an excellent job with these kits (both skill & teamwork wise) tend to be left out from using these kits since the slots are already taken.

    I come from the school of thought that the best way to increase teamwork & tactics is through positivity and leading by example. Forcing and funneling people to think a certain way will backfire more often than not. In teamspeak, this isn't much of an issue. People who join teamspeak, for the most part, are willing to act for the better of the team. It's those who aren't on teamspeak that could use a little TG nudge. A properly functioning VoIP would drastically help in this matter. Hearing a voice organize and lead, complemented with seeing the rest of your squad follow suit will get more people to work with the team than anything else, IMHO. Unfortunately, a working VoIP is not the case.

    We need to find ways of encouraging others to work together & smarter, not discourage & force them from doing the opposite.


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      Re: A great idea to encourage more teamwork and tactics in BC2

      I quote everything Brokeback says...I a lot of times especially while attacking in rush a recon kit with saiga and c4 which allows me to spawn recon balls on the frontline, try to surprise attack with the saiga and c4 the mcoms...
      there are tons of ways to play each one of the classes and I completely understand the frustration of having not helpful teammembers in our squad, but I don't believe that limiting kits would do any good, you just would have medic "snipers" with the m60 & red dot...
      selfishness in playing isn't related to a kit and while we can see most non-team-oriented players go for a sniper kit they probably would still not contribute even with another kit


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        Re: I have a great idea to encourage more teamwork and tactics in BC2

        I'm assuming 32 player server/ 4 squads/ no ability to join until in a squad means squad size adjusted to 8? Seems a bit large, 6 was a nice number. Being in a squad doesn't guaranteed more teamwork unfortunately and 1 or 2 in a locked squad has always puzzled me, too. Though a server filled with camping snipers is annoying, recon does have many other uses as others have said. Rarely play recon myself, but I'm a run n gun recon when I do play it, so I wouldn't want the class limited. Typically I play with my cousin when in BC2 and the two of us work together very effectively because we play together so often. But we do not lock our squad. Usually others end up joining us because they see us tearing up the enemy. Rarely do we both snipe, but when we choose to, it can be very deadly. Perhaps 2 recon limit in squad would be reasonable.




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