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  • BC2 SOP Proposal

    From: [TG] DamionRayne
    To: BC2 Admin Group
    Subject: Creation of Bad Company 2 Standard Operating Procedures

    I wanted to take some time to propose the creation of SOP's for Bad Company 2, one of the Titles that we support at TG. The basic idea is the creation of stickied information posts that contain general information on conduct and communications procedures that would apply to all those partaking in BC2 matches on TG servers.


    Tactical Call outs SOP: The creation of an information post guide-lining proper communications etiquette while calling out enemy contacts in a BC2 gaming environment. This includes contact Identification, proper terms usage and proper respond to tactical call-outs as well helping TG members use directions and environmental features to supplement target calling.

    Comm Etiquette: The creation of an information post that guide-lines general TS comm's etiquette while in a match.


    Kit Tac: The creation of Sticked information posts guide-lining standard Kit Load outs for all 4 classes, and offering information as to why these kits work and how they should be used.

    Squad Movement: An information post going over the SOP that will teach people the proper way to move as a squad.

    Squad Tac: Generalized Squad Make ups.


    Squad Lead: SOP's going over what it means to be a squad leader, how to give viable orders and information on how to follow SL orders in a match and how to respond to SL's.

    This seems like a good start to me and I look forward to hearing from you all.

    Very Respectfully,
    [TG] DamionRayne

    TG-30th Damion Rayne - Commanding Officer

    Content Development Writer | Developer Relations Liaison



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