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    Hey guys My clan has a match tonight. Ive layed down the call outs for the maps for accurate pin pointing so ive taken care of the communication aspect. (5v5 assault only)

    Was curious what you guys thought about Nelson Bay strats. Ive got two scenerios below

    1. two players cap the first two points to Uncap spawn, while 3 rush the one of the two points all the way across the map. What i like about this is that its aggressive and can declare a early victory, what i dont like is if the attack fail then we have lost tickets and map control leaving two points unguarded for 15 seconds.

    2. Take first two points than spread the whole team out and blast the **** out of the other teams attack, then slowing moving up in cover to eventually get close enough too launch a counter assualt (after a good chunk is killed) and then take a point at the other side. Less aggressive and if your team gets out gunned then its a fail. What i like is that if the other team assualts right off the bat then they will hopefully get creamed allowing my team to gain map control and make a move on a point.

    These are two ive thought of tell me what you think or any NEW ideas you guys might have




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