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Defending Rush mode on Port Valdez

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  • Defending Rush mode on Port Valdez

    From another thread:

    Originally posted by Britt View Post
    I also really like this game mode.

    The issue is, once again, people not understanding the mode. The attackers only have tickets to allow the game to end. The real way the game ends is by blowing up all the crates. It plays a lot more like CTF then Conquest. I see people complaining that one guy can blow up a crate. That's not a bug, that's a feature. I've said this like 10 times on forums and in game: you have to have people on your team actually looking at the crate. Because the point is to defend the crate. You should be watching it like a hawk. If one guy manages to run up and plant 6 charges on the crate, then you didn't have a single person on your team looking at the crate. It's so easy to prevent this it's not even funny. If you don't have just one guy who can shoot the C4 planter in the back as he frantically clicks LMB to get 6 on the crate, then you deserve to loose.

    I love the fact that you can take the objective with stealth. You can't really stealthily capture a flag on Conquest. You can sneak in, but the minute it goes gray you're in for a fight. A smart, careful squad can blow a crate and be pushing hard on the next. I like it, it rewards people who play well. I honestly am hearing a lot of people who don't like that they can't go for kills but run back to the gray flag or flashing crate in order to hold on. In this mode you have to stay put on defense, not play offensively but with one ear open to run back. Suppress your Conquest instincts, this is Rush. It's a raid, not a battle. In battle the goal on both sides is the same: inflicting maximum casualties. In a raid, the attacking force seeks to free POWs, gather critical intel, destroy crucial targets, etc. The role of the defense is to keep the enemy from accomplishing that goal. It doesn't matter if you kill the raiding force or not, what matters is that the raiders are kept away from their objective.

    I rallied a group of pubs last night, using these tactics and we held the A1 objective for a LONG time! I was engineer and maintained one mine on the road northeast of the A buildings, and then 2 in the woods to the northwest. I then stayed along the base of the cliff, within site of the A crate. A medic and an assault huddled behind the building (within meters of the crate), and the other squadmate sort of wandered around up by the north side of the building complex. We cleaned out rush after rush. Eventually the building collapsed, but it was an super fun defensive stand!
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    Re: Defending Rush mode on Port Valdez

    Ye, collapsing buildings is the problem here.

    In fact, it's like this: If a big amount of environment is destroyed, there chance to kill an objective is about 5%. No trees, no buildings, no walls, no visual cover -> Snipers & Assaults get everybody.

    What I like to do with killable buildings is just grenade-launch through the windows to kill the walls around it until it collapses -> Obj. destroyed.

    I was complaining about those C4 rushers, because I found out that I had no problem at all dominating the game with C4 as recon... :-/ I took out 90% of all stations on my own. But now I say "it's your own fault", since I was defending from INSIDE the A building and did a good job on my own. As a defender it sucks though, if you get killed and there is nobody to cover your back.

    People need to think but what do you expect from a shiny community with many people coming from the MW front. :/




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