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  • Sniper tactics....

    Okay fellas, let's hear them...

    Mainly I spot and counter-snipe. Typically I can get a good position along the snowy ridge at multiple points just inside of the out of bounds. This provides cover from the DCOM areas but allowing good visual.

    Also, don't go to normal sniper spots. Think outside the box. Instead of making that shot from a hilltop with 2-3 others up there, drop down the side of the hill. I know I pick off snipers all day long that are up there. This will keep you from being silhouetted against the sky and snowy hill.

    As you are being forced back you can try to hang out and let the advancing team go on by. Then you can simply shoot them in the back. Again, take down medics, assaulters, engineers, and then snipers. That is unless there's a sniper providing overwatch of an area.

    Get used to making fairly long shots. You have a scope, learn to use it. The MIL dots do work and you can hit targets at quite far distances. Learn to hit moving targets and you're good to go.

    However, remember you can see better than others. Spot, spot and spot again. Just my .02 cents.

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    Re: Sniper tactics....

    I hide under the small "Christmas" trees as much as I's very hard for people to pick you out from the tree while crouching....the branches can get in the way...I can't wait until the sniper's ghillie suit actually blends with the environment....brown on white leaves much to be desired...

    I know there are certain spots where all defenders's only a matter of time before they pop their head

    Unfortunately...with the rush mode...there needs to be 2 maybe 3 snipers on a team and that's it....I would prefer the snipers to carry the mortar strike since the area effect is pretty devastating if they can land it on top of a M-COM obj once it's been armed....

    always always carry the motion sensor mines....does anybody know how long they last?


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      Re: Sniper tactics....

      On Defense

      I generally will setup in an advanced area (read front lines) where the enemy has little cover and will approach the objective areas. From here I can snipe them as they are generally unaware, and because of trees, the kill cam cannot give away my position. I go with C4 to destroy cover that the attackers will use to get to the objectives. This usually involves demoing trees, and other brush to clear my line of sight to the enemy advance. Example: Port Valedez's N00b hill has lots of trees around it. A mortar strike on the top clears most of the trees away. C4 planted around the trees infront of the hill, and on the left side ledge going to the forest clears that area nicely as well. This allows defenders to clearly see all the way down the road where the tank normally fires from. Same for the right side road. With no cover, defenders have the absolute worst time attacking the first two objectives. Being a sniper with C4, allows me to spot the enemy as they come, and destroy trees while sniping the unaware. Also, because if the 1911 pistol strength, close combat is not a big issue either. Sensor mines are nice, but because they do not last very long (and do not replace themselves I think), and because of the current spot system, I find little need for them. This is probably because I am a big fan of destroying all the cover before the attackers can use them. Sensor balls are good for detecting people behind undestructables though (heavily fortified walls, heavy boxes, buildings).

      Since you're a sniper, you should be able to spot very effectively through your scope. Alternatively, if you have mortars, through the binocs. C4 can also be refilled by ammo, allowing you to setup traps in front of you or behind you incase you need to get out of there.


      Because ghilly always seems to provide some bit of confusion even at close range, I also tend to play up front. Tickets means every death is meaningful on the attacking team, and sitting back plunking the enemy does not do as much as securing a position even as a sniper. However, using the mortar can be essential, so basically you need to balance the time staying back and spotting/mortar striking (like when an OBJ has charges set), to moving with the team and helping them by anchoring up front. Snipers tend to be great anchors. Sniping the enemy at range however means a medic can easily pick up the fallen leaving you being less effective even if you are able to sniping people at a regular pace. They key on attacking is to spawn up close and push the defenders back (brute force/attrition), or disrupt them from reinforcing (aka strategy/tactics), or to shock/ninja the objectives(risk/reward).

      Sensor mines are good here because defenders tend to hide behind hardened objects (like buildings, concrete stuff). This helps the advancing squad. Mortar allows you to hit those soft targets behind the cover. Swap your kit out with the thompson, or shotgun to help your team at close range. Close range or sniping from the flanks should also be utilized. The recon class shouldn't be treated like a traditional sniper since more than half the utility is most effective pushed up on attacking.

      I like going with C4 in this case too. C4 allows more flexibility than mortar, allowing you to take out vehicles in one go, or assisting in demoing the OBJ. But often its switching/adapting to the right kit for each spawn, and then utilizing the class to its full effectiveness once you're in that class. Example: Out of C4 and sensor balls doesn't mean you can still play anchor for your squad closer up.


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        Re: Sniper tactics....

        Form a line!


        - In the process, I have discovered that I can make iron bolts with my butt****.


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          Re: Sniper tactics....


          Ah....the relaxing sites of Port Valdez.........*shudder*


          KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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            Re: Sniper tactics....

            One thing I've noticed with sniping in this game is that it's a lot harder than in previous games right now. Without numerical knowledge of the damage produced by each sniper rifle, it is not easy to tell how many pistol shots are needed to finish someone off. The lack of cloaking makes it difficult to move to positions without being lit up with a giant, red, triangular markerlight hovering above your head. Additionally, as before, C4 and motion sensors are only usable at short ranges, anti-personnel mines are conspicuously absent, and sniper rifles remain difficult to use at close range. Also, the semi-auto sniper rifles are slightly useless (in my opinion) due to their low damage and inability to score headshots.

            Because of these limitations, a long range sniper or a sniper separated from a squad is utterly useless or ineffectual without 1337 skills and significant usage of mortar strikes.

            On that note, mortar strikes are really awesome; use them every time you have them available. As long as you don't hit your teammates, it is often better to use mortar strikes on comparatively trifling targets than only using them thrice during a round. Call them in more. A strike on a tank can easily finish it off and kill the three engineers clustered around it, busily repairing away.

            And in terms of sniping skills, simply practice more. Bullet drop and bullet speed from rifle to rifle, so it is useful to familiarise yourself in only one before moving on to another. Learn to lead targets, but only fire at them if they are sprinting within 45 degrees (Pi/4 radians) in relation to your line of sight, are moving slowly, or are still. At close range, assuming you have little lag, it is safe to assume that sniper rifles are almost hitscan. Do not aim for headshots unless you are confident in your abilities or your target is stationary, as head hitboxes seem rather small in this game. Shoot often, or you will always be waiting for a shot that will never come. And last of all, practice your shooting. A sniper that cannot hit anything is useless. Drill on empty servers if you must, but be able to hit a stationary target in the head at 25 metres.

            As for other shooting aids, be aware of your target's psychology. For example, if you are at close range against a homie with a shotgun, he will be tempted to charge you. If you are in the right position, a well placed pack of C4 can stop him without requiring you to expose yourself. A target hit at long range will usually run for the nearest cover he can see, then camp there while his health recharges. This provides you with a great opportunity to call in a bro with a 40 mm to blow both your target and his cover up in one (usually easy) shot. Then shoot the medic first. My point is that knowledge of your opponent's mindset and playing style can make a huge difference.

            To be more effective in the conventional TG sense, the sniper will necessarily have to stick with a squad. In such cases, it is often better to just switch out the sniper rifle for a shotgun/Thompson/Garand if lacking in shooting skill. Otherwise, pack a sniper rifle with an ACOG/red dot (if you are insane), do not bring a semi-automatic, and be extremely familiar with your pistol of choice. I like the MP443 right now, as it puts a lot of shots out relatively accurately.

            Also, be very very good at using your pistol. With bolt actions, your rate of fire is severely constrained, and you will often switch to your pistol to whittle down the often scarce health remaining after a sniper shot. Also, the pistols in this game are quite powerful in comparison to assault rifles, as numerous youtube videos will attest:


  " data-vcode="0zsUOEVY0HM" data-vprovider="youtube" >

            And finally, make sure to use your equipment often. Assuming you are in a squad, you will get C4 refills often, and your motion sensors greatly help in close quarters combat.

            So play with teamwork, play with skill, and kick butt.
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