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  • WIP: Contact-Report SOP

    We're starting to put together some simple SOPs for BC2.... need some help on this one.

    Once of the things that's kind of annoying is the inability to determine cardinal compass directions using the minimap. Sooooo... what's the best way to describe enemy location? I see two methods, but perhaps there's more
    1) Use compass directions like we always have, as determined by the full-size map. I personally wouldn't have a problem with this, as I maintain a sense of direction pretty easily... but I suspect a lot of people might get confused. (Although, TBH, it's not that hard to whip the map open for 1.5 seconds... and since we can't zoom the minimap, popping the map open periodically is a good idea anyway... to maintain SA)

    2) Use relative directions. This would work fine if your squad is fairly close together, but if you're spread out, "left of the crates" or "behind the building" might not have much meaning.


    Originally posted by WhiskeySix
    [SOP] The Contact Report

    What is a Contact Report?
    A contact report is a standardized procedure for reporting [over radio] encounters with enemy forces. The standard is based on NATO SOP, and is optimized to minimize extraneous radio traffic - so everyone listening on the radio net quickly understands the nature and scope of the enemy threat. In our virtual BC2 world we don’t use actual military radios, but with VoIP and TS, virtually the same methodology can be utilized.

    Why have a Contact Report?
    Everyone has heard this type of conversation over VoIP:
    "uhhh....there's some guys in the woods over there... uhhhh... they're coming this way now .... uhhh... I don't think they see me yet... uhhhh ... should I shoot them?"

    Obviously, there's a lot of missing information about the enemy threat, such as .... who was the friendly call sign that engaged, what type of enemy, where are they, what appears to be their intentions and what are you doing about it? The rest of the squad / fire team are left in the dark to draw their own conclusions as to the impact on the mission and what they should do next. All in all, this is not a workable solution for any real life special forces team.

    Contact Report Format:
    The central purpose of the contact report is to convey important information efficiently. You dont' have to talk like a robot or air-traffic controller to do this - As long as you include the following information, you should communicate using your natural way of speaking
    1. Where are the enemy?
    2. What is their estimated strength, type and armament.
    3. What appears to be their intentions and/or direction of travel.

    As you can see in the following examples, aside from the word "Contact" starting each broadcast, the content of the report is the only thing standardized:

    Asch: "CONTACTS west, behind the container; at least three infantry headed towards the helipad."
    Whiskey: "Roger that, I'm on the mounted MG in the building that's beside the helipad"

    Asch: "CONTACT, APC behind that outhouse looking building - I'll try getting a dart on him."
    Whiskey: "Roger that, let me know when he's tagged"

    Asch:: "CONTACT south behind the pipes - only saw one guy.
    Whiskey: "Roger"

    Important Notes:
    - Contact Reports can be abused and over used. If the entire fire team is geographically on the same ground and everyone sees the same threat, often it's redundant to broadcast a Contact Report. The key is to use one's own best judgment.

    - For obvious reasons, Contact Reports are classified as Priority radio transmissions. In other words, when you hear the operative word CONTACT, the entire radio net should go quiet and listen for the information.
    After a bit of practice using this technique, it becomes almost second nature and makes it much easier to communicate enemy threats, improving the overall SA (situational awareness) of the entire team / squad. We strongly encourage all players on our Bad Company 2 servers to utilize this standard methodology for making Contact Reports.

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    Re: WIP: Contact-Report SOP

    Definitely not #1. Lack of cardinal directions is one thing, but even with them (saying 12 o'clock, or North North West) still confuses the bajesus out of most people especially without help of in game tips.

    Go with #2. Use Objectives to form a direction. And use the static map (M key) to call out what's going on. "Light tank attacking B from A" or "Light tank attacking B from the front, back, sides, cardinal direction". Since maps are polarized, I think this works regardless of where you are facing, if all directions are relative to:

    1. Your deployment zone
    2. The objective in question
    3. The nearest enemy objective, or deployment zone.

    I think the developers saw this issue and created the spotting system to help with it. This way you can be non-specfic and say: "Snipers in the house at A", Q spot, and everyone else looking at A can see that they are on the second floor briefly. Or even more casual: "There are some dudes behind that fence". Q spot reveals targets behind fence. I look at the left fence, nothing. I look at the right fence, I see targets. Copy on targets behind right fence, firing mah 40mm.

    I'd hold off on the confirmation section (copy/roger) and let it be more informal in this case: "Yeah I see them", "Ok got it", "k". Part of the reason is because of the new player base. Part of it is to make it more natural to the other comm type. Part of it is because after I say that, I know my player character is going to yell "Lets ****ing kill that targets wooot", and the other PC next to me is going to exclaim, "Rgr that, shoot those ****s!" which sounds really awkward if my tone was deep and serious like Zhohar's voice.
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      Re: WIP: Contact-Report SOP

      I've actually been giving out directions based on a particular flag or base... something along the lines of "two contacts west of charlie".
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