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    Some highlights

    2. While planting or disarming the cap points, you can still fire, reload, etc without interrupting the process
    You can still look around while you're arming and disarming the bomb. You don't have to look directly at it. (via Bungle)

    3. When you fire a sniper rifle, if you hold down the fire button you will continue to look thorugh your scope. This will allow you to see where your bullets are hitting if they didnt hit your target.

    4. The cap points have hit points. If the defending team is guarding a point really hard, park a tank on a hill and shoot at the cap point until it blows up or you destroy the building it is in.

    5. You can access your parachute from any height that would normally hurt you.

    6. The stationary missile launchers are guided. After you fire you have some control over the rockets flight path.

    7. Think outside the box. Some explosions can kill people on the other side of a wall. Red boxes, red barrels, Engineer RPG and stationary AT all have the explosive power to do this. Same with grenade launchers.

    8. Your knife is more than just for killing. It will cut through chainlink fences just as easy as it cuts through a door. Why go around an obstacle when you can cut through it? (via Fetuslol)

    9. The engineer repair tool can be used for more than just repairs. It will damage enemy vehicles and can even be used to kill enemies in melee range.

    "You can use your repair tool to make little holes in barricades or walls and use for shooting and coverage" (via Argie86)

    10. "If you press Q (Orders), while aiming over a teammate (medic, engineer, assault), you request his assistance (healing, repairing, ammo)." (via Breitschwert)

    11. "You can revive soldiers through windows and holes in a walls, if they are right next to the window/wall." (via Breitschwert)

    16. Defibrillator breaks through everything the knife can, easily. It is a better alternative, as they have less delay. (via VIPSTAR)

    Aim at an objective symbol on your HUD and press Q (like when calling for medic, resupply, etc.) to assign an attack or defend order, depending on who owns it, for that objective. All members of your squad can see it, and will receive extra points for kills and captures done in that area.

    While riding a four-wheeler pressing fire will honk the horn. Cool people honk the horn while driving around the enemy base running them over.

    If your an engineer in a blackhawk you can press i think f4 or f5 to sit with your own weapons and you can repair the blackhawk if you aim inside and up to where the center is at directly below where the blades turn or something. not sure if its a bug or if detection on the rest of the blackhawk is just crap. just putting it out there.

    You can knife people through walls.

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    Re: Tips and Tricks

    4. The cap points have hit points. If the defending team is guarding a point really hard, park a tank on a hill and shoot at the cap point until it blows up or you destroy the building it is in.

    Say what? Can you destroy a flag or are they referring to the mcom in rush?

    - In the process, I have discovered that I can make iron bolts with my butt****.


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      Re: Tips and Tricks

      You can arm/disarm MCOMs through the floors of some buildings. Particularly helpful on the second stage of the tropical map, where you can arm B from in the water under the hut.


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        Re: Tips and Tricks

        The last AT m136 with the explosive upgrade will take off 75% of health of a MBT with a side shot. Scares the crap out of people when you start two shotting there tanks.


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          Re: Tips and Tricks

          This requires more testing but it seems that thrown grenades only begin their explosion countdown after touching ground. As a result you can lob grenades ridiculous distances.

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            Re: Tips and Tricks

            No, I've seen grenades explode in mid-air. They probably arm when they hit the ground, or reach a certain distance.

            Sniper's mortars are a good tool with dealing with entrenched infantry. Aim, hold button, wait for confirmation. Enjoy the fireworks!


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              Re: Tips and Tricks

              SERPENTINE!!!!! Never run straight If you can help it!!!
              There are too many snipers out there, run in a random zig zag, spotting potential cover and concealment. Snipers will pick new targets if they see you running like a maaaadman! This is harder when there are buildings about, but in the open I can't even begin to impart how important this is. Battlefield is a BIG GAME, treat it as such. When playing paint ball out in areas where my enemies were shooting me from 50-100 yards I found making myself unpredictable was the difference between being hit and staying in the game.

              SNIPING isn't just a sniper rifles game. Pick up a a 4x scope on your machine gun, slap in some magnum rounds, and you will flood the enemy in a river of blood and a tide of spent casings! Its easy to hit an enemy a few times with the machine gun from faaar away, you don't need to aim up or have a close zoom scope. I have found I can't anticipate enemy movements very well if I zoom in too much. The further zoomed out you are the more you can see other threats and future targets. Why is it so easy to snipe a sniper? Because they are looking through a tiny window.

              SPRINTING will slow your reaction speed. You have a general idea of where the enemy might be, keep that in mind when considering if you really wanna sprint those last few seconds.

              STAY near walls, near rocks, near windows you can jump through, near fences you can run behind and break line of sight. The enemy is going to see you moving anyways, why not give yourself some cover on at least one side. Think of the area around you and the potential firing zones enemy fire can come from. This potential firing zone is reduced by staying near objects.

              GRENADES are not gonna get you as many kills in this game as in Call of Duty. They don't have the biggest explosion radius and you only have one generally. I've killed too many teammates with them while assaulting a flag too be reckless with them anymore. I use them as a distraction when I see too many enemies to fight. Throw it and more often than not the enemy will assume your a better throw than you actually are, they often run like hell, giving you a chance to run and shoot them from a new direction.

              WHEN you start to slip, give the game a rest. Your only going to get worse. I've found I play best when I have only just recently sat down at the game.

              SMOKE GRENADES are Fun and a great punishment for snipers on both sides who refuse to get in the fight. RUsh ain't won by snipers, make it hard for your team to sit back. It will also get you closer into the fight with less bullets flying at you, and can give you a good shot at putting charges on an objective. Furthermore if theobjective house is all shot to **** you need some concealment. WIth the right perks you can carry 4 smoke nades before you need to reload, and as an assault class you can give yourself that reload.


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                Re: Tips and Tricks


                A) If you dont have a direct line of fire - just aim at something else ! Aim at the top of lamppoles, trees and similar to make the gruond below them go boom even if you cant see it

                B) It is possible to activate a mortar strike out of the side of a Blackhawk at moderate speed. He doesnt need to stand still. Circle straving in a smooth way will do the trick


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                  Re: Tips and Tricks


                  Are snipers shooting your mines as you lay them because they are so obvious? Use a grenade to create a small hole to place your mine in. Most tank drivers won't be able to spot it.

                  Rush Tips for Objectives

                  Any building that can be collapsed should be collapsed instead of armed.

                  Any objective that can be exposed to small arms fire should be destroyed by RPGs and Tanks at a distance.

                  Other tips:

                  If your playing normal mode, spotting enemy is key. It is easier to take out a sniper nest once everyone knows where they are hiding. In normal mode you should make the spotting key your friend and use it heavily, snipers are mostly effective if they are hidden, take that away from them by placing a nice orange triangle over their heads.

                  Get a sniper on your team to rain down arty on their camping grounds. Now you have an oportunity to rush an objective or flank their position, while they scurry away from afected zone.

                  Smoke the place up make it hard for them to see you. This will help you flank their position and then knifing them in the back, or help you get an objective.

                  Increase your rank and get the armor, this helps a little bit against magnum rounds.

                  Have one person distract a bunch of them by riding around in a quad bike really fast, or using a UAV, etc. While they are distracted by taking the bait, the rest of your team will have an easier time getting to objective or getting rid of them.

                  Use vehicles and shell their camping positions.

                  Use tank smoke upgrade to really smoke the place up for squad cover

                  Take away their cover. Cut down trees and blow up buildings. A sniper without cover is much easier to spot and deal with. Since in HC mode there is no spotting it is even more important to take away their cover.

                  Keep your team well separated, remember snipers can only engage one target at a time with scope, and can only get large groups with arty, so if you keep all your teams huddled together your just making it easier for them to kill you all.

                  keep moving.. standing still against a good sniping team is a very bad thing to do. It can take almost 2 seconds for a round to hit you from very far away, so as long as you keep moving you improve your chances of not getting hit from those long range shots.

                  Get a bunch of good medics on your team. If your team keeps getting taken down by snipers a good medic team can keep reviving everyone, and allowing for the team to progress and take out objectives.




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