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The Life Cycle of the Battlefield

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  • The Life Cycle of the Battlefield

    Attack Helicopters
    Main Battle Tanks
    Infantry Fighting Vehicles/Light Tanks
    Sniping Recon
    Defending Medics
    Attacking Assaults
    Supporting Recon
    Anti-Tank Engineer

    A-T Engineer may be at the 'bottom' of the infantry chain, but it also eats Attack Helicopters, MBTs, and IFVs. This is the cycle of threats that you should be processing in your head before popping your head up or making that push for a flag. And this is not to say that this is the concrete, always happens, bottom-line. Certainly, an IFV can kill an Attack Helicopter and a Recon with C4 can take out a Tank (and more often than not the Attack Helicopter gets the short end of the stick)... but in the terms of "What should I be worried about most right now," this is a good base.

    If you know of an MBT sitting around a flag, encourage some AT use by spotting, marking, and getting your RPG out and ready to fire. Don't attempt to run in against one as a medic, or let anyone on your team do that very thing.

    Don't try to expose yourself to a sniper if you're an assault/medic at long range.

    Don't try to engage in head on fights with assaults/medics if you're an engineer.

    Please, for all of my sanity and our team's tickets, please stop running blindly into big threats.
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    Re: The Life Cycle of the Battlefield


    - In the process, I have discovered that I can make iron bolts with my butt****.


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      Re: The Life Cycle of the Battlefield

      I have a minor but important adjustment to make:

      Kill Order:

      Everything else.

      Thank you and have a nice day.

      "Cum bellum clamavit, nos respondivi..."

      "I've given everything I can... There are no heroes left in man..."


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        Re: The Life Cycle of the Battlefield

        That's pretty much the idea, Kel.

        The only one above medic in the 'threat' line is a sniping recon, because they can hit you with their rifle without you seeing them or can hit you at long ranges where you can't fight back very well. He's more of a "don't stand in the window, dummy" than a "shoot him first"

        Armor is certainly more dangerous to you than a medic, though. The idea is to prevent people from running into open ground like lemmings into enemy armor, just because they 'only' have to cross a 'little bit' of ground to get to a flag.


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          Re: The Life Cycle of the Battlefield

          Proper scouting for threats is important to survive on the battlefield. If you are a liability to your team for getting killed out in the open, then every time you do that, you are one ticket closer to your team's loss.

          Good work on the cycle of life celestial, snipers are higher on my food chain though.
          Foxwolves or folves for short are very versatile. Sniper, engineer, soldier, strategist, medic, commando.
          All in one package.
          The most obvious though is death.




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