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TACTIC-Your MAP...What it Tells you and you aren't realizing

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  • TACTIC-Your MAP...What it Tells you and you aren't realizing

    Today I watched a friend play Battlefield BC online. He's good at first person shooters, lots of experience in Day of Defeat, Counterstrike, Call of Duty. However He hadn't played Battlefield since BF2..... As a consequence I saw something about his play style that drastically hurts his performance in Conquest, a mode where you want to be aware of what you are walking into.
    He wasn't watching his mini map, wasn't spotting the enemy, and wasn't checking his main map during play or after death.

    USING THE MAP- It shows enemies that are spotted or caught in Radar. I don't know for sure whether it shows enemies who are firing, but I think not, there is kinda a debate on that since I've seen enemies on the map who weren't actively spotted at the time.
    YOU WILL SEE ENEMIES SOMETIMES marked on the map, this is VERY useful for obvious reasons. If there is one enemy there could be a few more, especially if people are working as a team and there aren't many snipers. You see a sniper marked and he's probably alone.
    Everyone know where you are all of a sudden? Bullets coming through a wall at you? YOUR probably spotted.

    WHAT THE MAP IS TELLING YOU BUT YOU DON'T KNOW!: Look at the map....there aren't concentrated battle lines in this game like you might expect. You see clusters and clouds of allies, sometimes a solo man here or there. What you can expect if you see your guys in one that the enemy ISN'T in there immediate area..
    IF ALL THE ALLIES IN ONE AREA are looking ONE direction in particular....there is likely an enemy in front of them, especially if they aren't moving.
    IF you see an ally twirling around and not moving forward much, he's probably in close combat. This is especially true indoors. An ally that is spinning around out in the open is probably about to die, because he's being shot from someone he can't find.
    JUST BECAUSE you own a base....doesn't mean it's secure. This is often the case when fighting BROTHER TACTICAL GAMERS.....Because we like to climb upstairs and let a few squad members spawn, then let one guy stay up as a spawn point and lob nades down.
    WATCH for when your teammates disappear, as in...DIE!!!! You can't very well watch everyone, but you can watch an area your interested in running into. This works best on the mini map since your allies are close. You will get a great heads up when it comes to enemy attention in your direction. You will also get a good idea of who you will be fighting based on the weapon sounds you hear. Hear an explosion from grenades, grenade launchers, or rockets and your enemy likely won't be as dangerous closer up as a medic who probably has a machine gun, this is also true for sniper fire. I've found most players who grenade launch a lot aren't wonderful shots with the assault rifle itself and pick perks to compliment their nade launching. Hear shotgun and you know to fight from medium range and hear machine gun....well then you hope its not me your about to walk into.

    LOOK for Clusters on the map where there are NO ENEMIES SPOTTED AND NO ALLIES (IE NO BLUE OR RED TRIANGLES)!!!!! THIS is an EASY to overlook little fact. Especially on smaller maps where there is no vehicle transportation you know a blank area of the map where there is no one an area the enemy likely occupies. Sure if its between two objectives you control or if its the edge of map it could be empty...but if its an area you would run through and thus your allies would as well.....then I'd watch for enemy movement in that area. This particular realm of thinking is very true on killing fields you will an experienced fighter...have identified. Take both the far north and far south ends of the winter level where there are 3 bases, the center being the town, the western base being a multi story warehouse, the eastern being a barn with a house. On that map there are 2 killing fields, the hills to the south where snipers love to sit and spawn allies, and the far north by the UAV where often enemies square off from behind medium range rock cover. IF you look on your map/mini map and don't see any allies at one area, there are enemies present.....almost always......

    TANKS aren't going to be spotted for long, often times they vanish from your map view and you as a noble tank hunter....are annoyed at your squinty eyed team for not spotting them.....I always check my map while im playing. Every 30sec to 1 min. Seeing thsoe tanks while they are damn informative.
    AN EMPTY TANK is not necessarily an unclaimed tank. A smart enemy REPAIRS their tank. DUH right? You see a vehicle on the map that isn't presently manned, and there are probably people repairing it...or its about to explode. Why abandon a tank if it isn't about to die anyways?
    FURTHERMORE if you look on your map at the places where tanks spawn, enemy main base or controlled points and see a vehicle is there or isn't there, you can determine whether or not it is in play. I like to tell my team in team chat where i see enemies. At the start of rounds i tell my team I'd love it if they would spot enemies, especially tanks, and tell me where enemy tanks are at. If you ask someone to do something for you, they are 3x as likely to do it. (scientifically proven) IT also helps to look at YOUR main base and See how many of YOUR tanks are in play..... I call playing a kills. IF you jump in a BMP or tank and don't get at least ONE kill, then....don't ever jump in a vehicle again.

    If you see flashing c4 on the map then it could be your team tried to throw it on something..perhaps a tank....and died before setting it off... hard to know what people are thinking with c4 though.

    See an enemy uav up? well if your near the UAV station there tends to be multiple enemies nearby that area. Smart players don't just jump into a uav with no support. Go pay them a visit. Let them hear your repair tool as you slowly defragment their cranial processor.

    OK BOYS Thats all I can think of on this subject at the time. THE MAP IS YOUR BESTEST FRIEND. BFF and all that.


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    Re: TACTIC-Your MAP...What it Tells you and you aren't realizing

    Dude, it's been an hour. You have a wall of text up there.

    Go take a nap.


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      Re: TACTIC-Your MAP...What it Tells you and you aren't realizing

      This is my major problem in this game, because I've been a dedicated PR player. They took out the minimap and spotting in PR a long time ago, giving you a regular map that only shows allies and relying on setting spotting markers manually. So it's a major readjustment to actually having to q-spot things again instead of calling out "Enemy squad 270 by red tree"

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      DICE needs to make a comical boxing glove attached to a spring punch the player in the face 40% of the time they get into a helicopter or jet.


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        Re: TACTIC-Your MAP...What it Tells you and you aren't realizing

        I like the Q-spotting. It keeps your squad and your team up to real time with info on where the enemies are and you get points for doing so as well.




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