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  • Armor on Atacama

    Each side starts with 1 chopper, 2 heavy tanks, 1 quad, and 1 3-man jeep. Jeeps are for transport of squad leaders.
    Armor is for the Armor squad. Tllyx will run that. He'll need three others. Like I said in the PM, the "squads" lineup I sent you will change *widly* over the coming week.

    I don't want to put more than 4 people in armor as it'll bog us down. I've seen scrims where people are in our main and waiting for armor spawn and there just isn't enough infantry to push a flag and take it effectively. I definitely don't want to fall in the trap of "oh, we're in tanks, we can't help assault."

    I want to emphasize that our planning and our combined brains/experience will mean zero come the day of the scrim: our adaptability will be everything. If they're holding two flags, and we can't get the 2nd one, your tanks need to chrage into Bravo and *die* so that our infantry can move forward.
    The biggest danger we'll have is coming into this with pre-conceived notions of "this is what I'm doing, and I'm sticking to it". We need to adapt *on the fly* to whatever we're given. If they put up a poor fight on Bravo at Atacama, then we immediately move for the third flag and take that too. Quick thinking and adaptability will definitely trump our plans on the day of the game.

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    Re: Armor on Atacama

    There are also the two MBT that spawn at A and C. From the start off to maximise the efficiency of the armor Im throwing out there that we have -

    A squad of 2 engineers / 2 medics taking the two tanks from spawn. 1 medics/engineer per tank, so if the engi goes down while repairing the mdic can hop out, revive and get back in.
    B squad of 2 engineers / 1 recon / 1 assault taking the heli and quad bike. 1 engi and assault take the quad bike directly to B. 1 engi and 1 recon take heli and cover them. If heli is not available, they take the tank from A/C and move to B
    C squad of 2 engineers / 1 medic / 1 assault taking jeep from spawn directly to B along with the quad bike. All 4 disembark, engis can deal with armor, assaults resupply, medic revive, and recon throw motion balls.
    D squad of 1 recon / 1 assault / 1 medic / 1 engineer. Throughout the match this is the general mobile force. If we are losing A/C, these guys take the jeep and quickly get over there. They can deal with all types of threat.

    So basically, from start up squad A takes armor INFRONT of B, squad C and half of squad B take the quad bike / jeep to B, while the other half of squad B take the heli and help at B. This leaves squad D to run on foot to A/C whichever is closest. After the spawn in, as Zhohar said, we can plan all we like but we laos need to adapt to what the other teams is doing. If we get all vehicles to B striaght away we should cap it, and delta squad can cap A. The specific kits in each squad are of course up for debate.

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