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Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

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  • Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

    1. This is a pretty awful weapon. :)
    It does little damage, fires relatively slowly, its cone of fire is very wide, and it has a small clip. I use it because it's fun to use, and I'm terrible at aiming with Assault Rifles. (honesty is best policy)

    2. Shoot for the head.
    You are no match for most assault rifles and SMGs in close quarters if you shoot for the chest/body of the enemy. It's pretty much required that you be up close to the enemy and aim for the head.
    What's more, the damage was decreased from 33 (I believe) to 28 in the last patch so ... genuinely, play with it, but it's not stellar.

    3. Try to get in close -- really close.
    I've had good luck with the sprinting perk. You are a tasty morsel for any AN94 or M16 user out there -- there's nothing you can do to save yourself against them but run for cover.

    4. Magnum ammo does add a neat punch to the USAS but you've only got 6 shells then.
    6 shells is definitely enough to kill one target ... maybe two, but you're often facing two. I prefer to use 12 shells instead of 1.25 dmg Magnum ammo. See what you like.
    The "long range" shells are funny if you're looking for kicks, but if you're into the "snipe with shotgun" thing, try it out with the Neostad/Spas/870 instead. I prefer to pack extra C4 or the speedy-Gonzales perk.

    5. Assault kit is good because you'll run out of ammo.
    Medic is good too, because you'll be hurt a lot my medic machine guns, and assault rifles at long range. Depends on what the squad has. Recon is good too, because balls are lovely, but ... hmm.
    Engineer isn't so hot because engineers already get the SMGs which are very good in close quarters.

    6. Best tip I can think of: change the way you look at things ingame: keep your cursor level at the head of a person, not pointing near the crotch/stomach area. This makes a huge difference in the millisecond when you first engage.

    Enjoy yourself. :)
    I think there's a lot of people like me who stick with a genuinely terrible weapon just because it's fun to use. Hats off to the masochists! :)

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    Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

    I use this gun on the recon kit in rush as my main stay, I am usually right on top of the mcomm so all my combat is close quarter. Couple this with the 12 shot magazine and recon balls and you can clear a room fairly quickly.....good post.
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      Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

      I'm a Saiga man myself, and most of these points apply to it as well. On #4 though I take the magnums over the additional ammo. With 6 magnums I can usually take out 2 opponents if I catch them off guard.

      A third would be possible if I could aim for the head consistently, but I am a panicky mess in digital combat for some reason (a little honesty there) and center-mass is easiest for me. If I run out of ammo and have survived facing two enemies it's a pretty quick switch to to the 1911 hand shotgun (can also kill with 3-4 rounds) and I should have squad members around to back me up in any case.

      I actually just started using the recon class in the last week and now have it all unlocked and I must say it has become my favorite class. The reason is those motion cojones. The intel they give is invaluable to you and your team and you can throw them a mile it seems, showing you whether or not you have a clear path where you are headed the entire way they travel.

      A shotty and motions, the new Clark and IDS. Yum.


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        Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

        The most difficult aspect of it for me was getting used to just pressing and holding the mouse. I kept trying to mutli-click like you would with the Saiga.
        YOu just have to press and the let the baby do it's thing.


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          Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

          Take heed in Zho's advice, I don't know how many times I ran into him last night and died after getting only a few shots off out of my primary weapon. It happened so many times, USAS and Zhohar are intertwined with my favorite curse word a matter of fact, my wife reminded me that we had small children that were trying to sleep and "whoever this Zhowhatever and USAS guys are, if you can't play with them without cursing like this, you can't play with them anymore." I think it was more than just a joke :)
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            Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

            Originally posted by Harlequin View Post
            A third would be possible if I could aim for the head consistently, but I am a panicky mess in digital combat for some reason (a little honesty there) and center-mass is easiest for me.
            Mm, this is my biggest point though -- force yourself to aim for the head only, and I promise, you'll be at least 2x more efficient -- within the round, not after "some practice". Literally, just adjust your aim and force yourself to shoot for the head. With an AR, the stream of bullets is pretty consistent, so there's no forgiveness for headshots. The USAS, however, even in CQ, fans out wide so you're forgiven for slightly missing the head. This makes a difference because even a "off-center-cone" damage of the USAS is half-way decent when done to the head.
            Trust me ... you'll find yourself very frustrated with the USAS if you don't aim for the head. If you'd rather spray for the body, I'd recommend an SMG -- UMP / XM8-C / VSS -- with magnum bullets. Bonus point with those is that you can use them at range.


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              Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

              I have never in my life used the USAS since it sucks so don't even try it! Pretty please!?

              Come on zho, we don't need more ninjas in wookie suits running around with that weapon? You are taking away the only advantage I had in this game by letting people know what an awesome gun the USAS is :/

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                Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

                I would add that the way you move around the map changes with lots of short movements around corners and no long sprints, the idea is to create "bump into the enemy" situations where your weapon is king


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                  Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

                  When I used this for the gold star with medic kit i used this -

                  USAS (ofc...) / M93 / Defib / Med Kit / Lightweight / Extra shells / Veh. Dmg.
                  That worked REALLY well for me. For example I once defended A flag on white pass by myself (in this case A was opposite flag to our UCB), sometimes with help from squad members that spawned on me. I got ammo by picking up enemy assualt kits, throwing dowwn the ammo box then picking my kit back up again. I could simply stay on the roof mowing people down with the MG / Veh. Dmg, checking the staircases/blinking icon every few seconds, running down, spraying the USAS, running back up, rinse repeat

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                    Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

                    Does anyone use slugs? I note that it says it increases the range, but decreases damage. Is the damage decrease significant enough to outweight the advantages of additional range?


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                      Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

                      Originally posted by N.B. Forrest View Post
                      Does anyone use slugs? I note that it says it increases the range, but decreases damage. Is the damage decrease significant enough to outweight the advantages of additional range?
                      Depending on the map, I use slugs. It does require an additional 1 or 2 shots to kill someone if you don't headshot, which feels like way too many when you have a shottie. On the other hand, slugs allows you to snipe ungoldy far with a shotgun, to a point where it feels like you're cheating. I've sniped someone from 50 yards or so... it just doesn't feel right.

                      I prefer to go shotgun as a recon, and i prefer magnum... but still not sure what to do with the first gadget... slugs? extra ammo?

                      how do you guys setup or shotties?


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                        Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

                        I generally only run shotguns on the Recon kit.

                        Saiga (gonna check out the USAS after reading this thread)
                        Either dart gun or machine pistol
                        Mortar (i suck with C4 :( )
                        Xtra Ammo
                        Alt weapon or optics



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                          Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

                          Always aim for the boom-headshot and this fella will work wonders for you.

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                            Re: Tips on the USAS (auto-shottie)

                            This weapon is godlike with recon in SquadRush
                            Zig zag with sprint perk and you can dodge + pull off easy headshots!




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