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    If I've seen anything about BFBC2 in relation to other squad-based military shooters, it's that it presents a rare opportunity in game speed (read, lack of idiotic and constant zerg). I'm referring to the post-up tactic, by which a location is chosen and a squad makes their stand there, -as- a squad. The maps have countless spaces that scream tailor made for such a tactic, and I was wondering if this were any sort of SOP here that I hadn't read about.

    If not, I propose some practice runs whereby one or more TG squads make it a conscious habit of finding a choice location to over watch, scan, cover and resupply at, then go into action in that generally fixed locale. The advantages of having what amounts to a 4-man front line in a game where most people spend their entire session running around are obvious, never mind combining this location with one of high foot traffic, thus playing off the natural medical supply and ammo dump created to sustain said squad.

    I volunteer for Experiment:Post-Up, and look forward to joining others in the field-testing.