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  • Fix For Lag?

    Hey y'all

    So ever since the patch which added the new maps (eg heavy metal, oasis, etc) I have had really bad lag. At first I figured it was just cuz of the new maps and such but after awhile the lag stayed right put. So I just got sick of it and took a break for a couple months. So I started back up again this past week and the lag is even worse! In servers where I would usually be getting a ping of 20-40 before the new patch, I was getting 200-400 and sometimes got kicked! I figured something was wrong which led me to restart my modem which seemed to help. However after about a round and a half it started getting laggy again, although not quite as bad as before I reset it.

    My question is, is my modem dying? If not, are there any ways to get rid of the lag that started with the patch?

    lTG-Irrl Argetnar
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    Re: Fix For Lag?

    Welcome to the lag haters group, Argetnar! A lot of us have complained after that last patch of reduced gameplay. I can only describe it as slow response time and what seems to be slow frame rate. But it's not the graphics frame rate that is bad, it's the time cycle that the computer is tied to comparing hit boxes and the vid card accessing memory. I believe it was the new gun skins that is the culprit in all this. There might not be any players with the skins, but the program has allocated extra memory space and time to the display of players with these new skins. Hard for me to explain this as I'm only assuming this is true and my own experience in programming reinforces my thinking.

    Only recourse is to upgrade your computer to a higher speed. I've been upgrading mine and noticed an improvement in gameplay. I've replaced my MoBo and CPU and now I need some faster memory. Working with DDR2 800 hr, but can go up to 1066 hz next.

    Good luck




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