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  • C:\user XP directory?

    Anyone reading this that has Windows XP, please check your root directory for a folder labeled "Users". Reason is some confusion I'm having with my punkbuster ticket. EvenBalance (Punk Buster) has asked me to put a dll file into two directories. I can find the first one, but not the second one. I suspect he thinks I've got Windows Vista, that one has a Users folder (my wife has a Vista laptop).

    The following should explain further:

    07/06/2011 15:23:21 - "Adam D"
    Note #14: Ok, if you're willing to work with me, I am willing to let you test our new build that will hopefully stop this issue.

    Now I need you to download the new pbcl.dll from this link

    Please place the new pbcl.dll inside both the game installation PB folder and the PB homepath folder. (overwrite the existing pbcl.dll)

    PB game installation folder is located inside the BC2 game folder, where you installed your game.

    PB homepath folder is located "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\BC2\pb \"

    If have problems with this, please let me know so I might be able to help you.
    If you do not wish to help with this, then thank you for your cooperation and we hope to have this issue sorted out shortly. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

    I asked about the number of players having this problem and also what that extra path was and he responded:

    07/10/2011 19:30:16 - "Adam D"
    Note #17: "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\BC2\pb \"
    that is a file path, the %USERPROFILE% is the profile name you used for your computer

    The pbcl.dll will need to be placed in both locations in order for this to test properly.

    As to your questions:

    A small percentage of players are having this issue, the majority of players are not, or not reporting it.

    EA's update shouldn't cause this issue, but we are looking into all possibilities.



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