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temporary server connection lose

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  • temporary server connection lose

    Anybody else experience server connection lose last night? Last night was wierd for me. About two times a round I would see people running in place for about five secs and then I would show up in a different spot and usually be dead. I was on TeamSpeak and had good connection there as I could talk to folks. I finally logged off and rebooted my computer. Went to the =E= server and played two rounds there with no problems. Came back to the TG server and had the connection problem show up again. I just wonder if I was have a problem with an internet node.

    One good thing about it, I could run around and shoot people without getting shot out in the open. Found one guy and knifed him repeatedly, but he would not go down. Zhohar, you owe me five dog tags!

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    Re: temporary server connection lose

    Same problem here when I tried to join games this afternoon. I could log in, but it took forever to update stats are refused to load into any servers. Good job, EA. Way to torpedo BC2 servers ahead of the BF3 beta ...




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