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"You Have Been Kicked From the Game"

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  • "You Have Been Kicked From the Game"

    Almost every time I try to join a server I get this.... It's aggravating!

    Single player works fine and occasionally I can get in a game - more often when using the Play Now option. I haven't seen any good explanations or solutions elsewhere yet other than an EA forum/blog about how it might be getting worked on.

    All my specs are over the required. I didn't do the beta.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: "You Have Been Kicked From the Game"

    Same here.. I'm gonna mess around with PB and see it that helps..

    - In the process, I have discovered that I can make iron bolts with my butt****.


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      Re: "You Have Been Kicked From the Game"

      After being completely unsuccessful at getting in a game last night, I have finally been able to get into TWO games tonight. Both times, however,
      I got the above message.

      I'm assuming it has to do with the same connection issues that have plagued the game thus far.


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        Re: "You Have Been Kicked From the Game"

        I was having this problem too. Saw this post on the steam forums.

        Hi guys
        I'm Bazajaytee from EAUK forums (best place to keep up to date on what we are doing at DICE) but just to let you know that we are aware of connection issues and are working on them

        We have released a new server to the providers this evening called R4. This should hopefully clear up the "You were kicked" errors after the loading screen when joining a server. Please let us know if you are still getting this and know the server is running R4 versions. Some hosts will have labelled the servers as such in the server name.

        A couple of things you can do to help remove connection issues too are:

        Uninstall the Beta and delete all BETA folders in My Documents. This is to prevent potential conflicts between the BETA and the main game.
        Go to and get PBSetup.exe and update Punkbuster even if you installed from the game installer. When doing this you might see that when you ADD GAME through PBSetup it points to the BETA directory location. Change this to your retail install folder before checking for updates.

        We are also investigating heavy server load which might cause your stats/unlocks to not display properly as well as a number of other server related issues. The priority being getting you guys in game and not kicked after loading.


        I checked and mine was pointing to the BETA. I'm able to get into servers now after doing this. Hope it helps.
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          Re: "You Have Been Kicked From the Game"

          I JUST left the game to make a post about this... I followed some of the advice here... and Halligan, I did what your post said... and now I can't even connect to a server anymore like how it was last night... I really hope they get this fixed by the weekend...




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