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Logitech G13 Setup Toggle Crouch

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  • Logitech G13 Setup Toggle Crouch

    Miss the crouch toggle from BF2142/BF2? I'm attaching my Logitech G13 (should work for the G15) setup for BC2. It lets you toggle crouch.

    Technical details:
    G15 is mapped to crouch. Press once to hold crouch, press again to release.
    Pressing G20 (shift, i.e. run) or G22 (space, i.e. jump) will also take you out of crouch.

    This setup messes with the colors on your G13/G15 display - it turns red when crouch is active. This is needed because if you hit esc or try to chat with the crouch toggle on, things get kooky (esc goes to desktop, chat does not work).

    The setup can cause issues. Logitech scripts get queued, meaning that they cannot be executed simultaneously, but only one after another. Remember CS?- it did crouch when jumped - that cannot be done with this setup. That being said, BC2 does not support crouching when running or jumping so it should not cause any issues.

    The biggest problem I have with it is that I tend to hit esc while crouch toggle is active which takes me to desktop. Don't say you have not been warned. Last thing you want is to lose your spot on the server.
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    Re: Logitech G13 Setup Toggle Crouch

    Thank you for posting that G13 file. I was wondering how to get crouch to be a toggle and your script was just the example I needed to see how to mold it for myself!




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