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Razer Diamondback - Not All Buttons Useable

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  • Razer Diamondback - Not All Buttons Useable

    Is anyone else using a Razer Diamondback (non 3G) to play BC2 in Windows 7? I was initially using the Razer Windows 7 drivers on my 64-bit installation and noticed that even though I could assign keyboard macros to all 7 buttons via the Razer software, only the primary 3 were actually useable.

    So, I did some searching and found people having more success using the default Windows 7 driver, not the Razer driver. So, I uninstalled the Razer drivers and still no success in BC2.

    Lastly, I had read something about disabling UAC so I went ahead and disabled UAC and kept the default Windows 7 driver and then in BC2 I could get buttons 4 and 5 (the front half of the side toggle buttons on the Diamondback) to be assignable and they actually work in-game. Out of curiousity I re-installed the Razer driver and when I assigned those buttons to keyboard macros they still didn't work, so I'm back to just the Windows 7 driver since I can at least use buttons 4 and 5 now.

    I can deal with that if there is no other option, but I'd actually like to be able to use buttons 6 and 7 as well. Anyone else running a similar configuration and able to use all 7 buttons on the Diamondback?



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