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Stutter/Lag Issues - possible fix

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  • Stutter/Lag Issues - possible fix

    I recently upgraded from a Thinkpad dual-core 2GHz system, with 256MB nVidia FX570M graphics. It ran everything great, except for BC2... Where I would frequently lag, get pings up to 999 (think that must be the max display in-game), and lag out completely.

    My new system is a refurb dual core quad q8200, with just an nVidia GT120 1GB video card - and while not the latest and greatest - it runs BC2 MUCH better. But.. I noticed I'm still getting this weird what I call "stutter step" lag, where it's not really lagging consistently, it just seems like I'm walking through mud or something. It's a very weird sensation.

    I think I've found a solution. Re-posted from EA UK forums:
    Feel free to sticky this if you wish.

    Nvidia Graphics Cards issue causing graphics stuttering / lag.

    This is a common error on Nvidia, the fix is quite simple to be honest, just follow these simple steps and it will get rid your stuttering in game.

    1) Open up your Nvidia Control Panel (right-click on empty space on desktop, in the middle of the drop down menu)

    2) Click on Manage 3D Settings

    3) Click on the Program Settings tab

    4) Click on Add, and browse through your PC to your BFBC2 folder and click on BFBC2Game and hit Open.

    Now that BFBC2 is added to the programs list, you're going to make a simple change. The Stuttering comes from the "Maximum pre-rendered frames" setting and it is for this reason we are going to make a simple change here.

    5) By default it is set to "Use global setting (3)" which is different from your setting in game, thus causing your stuttering issue. Change this value to 1 or 2, doesn't matter which one, personally mine is set to 1.

    6) If you're using a single display I'd recommend switching the "Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration" setting to "Single display performance mode" as well.

    7) Apply your changes to the Nvidia Control Panel and close that window.

    Now depending on your operating system your method of getting to the next area might be a little different. I'm on Windows 7 so I'll explain this method. XP users should just have to go to their MyDocuments folder to find the BFBC2 folder.

    **Windows 7 / Vista**

    Click Start (or press the windows key button) then left click Documents

    9) Double click to open folder BFBC2

    10) Double click Settings.ini (the notepad looking icon) to open it up.

    This is part two to correcting the stuttering issue on Nvidia cards.

    11) On the very bottom of the Settings.ini file it says "RenderAheadLimit=2" This is the primary reason you had stutter issues, the numbers didn't match. Like I said I used setting 1 because I thought it was personally better, but as long as you keep it between 1 and 2 you're good. Go ahead and change the value to 1 or 2 now.

    This is also the file where we can change our FOV setting (Field of View). Remember the higher you put this setting the different your perspective inside the game will be, you see further and wider. Going above 90 tends to make the game look "weird" but 200 is the maximum setting for FOV.

    Lastly if you find yourself having FPS issues in the game as a little side hint. In the Setttings.ini folder there are a few other settings you can change to help with this problem.

    Bloom setting is for visual effects, setting this to false will help increase your fps 1-4 depending on your card.

    HSAO setting is also for visual effects, setting this to false will help increase your fps 1-4 depending on your card as well.

    DxVersion can be set to 9 or 10 or you can leave it on Auto. 10 is a little more graphics hungry and will lower fps rates, while 9 runs a little faster and increases your fps rate.

    Changing these 3 settings can help increase your fps. Remember even if it's only an increase of 4, that's still 4 frames more a second you see, than you were previously able to see.

    Hope this information helps.


    I've implemented this and no issues so far - and I haven't stutter stepped either.


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    Re: Stutter/Lag Issues - possible fix

    I never had this problem till the patch came out wed.I have a nvidia 8800gts card.Try the your suggestions and still having issues with ping and stuttering. Help!




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