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Saturday, 02/22/2006

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  • Saturday, 02/22/2006

    Great games tonight... had a good showing with TG people and a few non-TG clans came by as well. A bunch of BPC guys were there and seemed interested in TG as well as an 8thInf clan stopping by as I was leaving (~12:30am EST).

    Did anyone record any demos? For some reason the game deletes my demo files when I quit... so I lost about 10 1-2 minute demos. If you did and want to start rendering them to .avi files, this seems to be of some help: I can render on DX9 at all High if you want me to, just post the demos here.

    I love the changes to the weapon mod, gj Strag. It finally seems like the bolt-action rifles can stand up against the semi-autos and LMGs.

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    Re: Saturday, 02/22/2006

    i think we had around 22 players at one point, was alot of fun. most of them liked the changes and the mod. Was awesome.

    +rep to strag.

    and i have 3 demos
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: Saturday, 02/22/2006

      The lady has been pretty sick this weekend, so I've been glued to the computer when not taking care of her. It's pretty nice to be able to play on the weekends for a change! :)

      Tonight was a blast. Thanks for some great times, guys. It's nice to have some solid player traffic on our server; once the server was active, the average number of players per team stayed at about ten. Let's hope the word continues to spread. I took plenty of notes tonight and will be going through them presently.

      And yeah, BPC and <8thInf> are both clans that seem to dig our style of play. I really enjoyed playing with those guys and hope they're able to make it back periodically. We had a lot of other great non-TG folks on tonight as well; I hope they find their way back soon.


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        Re: Saturday, 02/22/2006

        Tonight was awesome - everyone who was on the server was really into the weapon changes, and picked up the tactical, realistic mode of play very well. With the constant player traffic, all the TGers and regulars were especially helpful to the new guys. +rep to you all.

        The BPC folks really impressed me, as did Strag's great work. Thanks to all the admins, and the players.

        Nec aspera terrent.




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