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Wicked Great Games (8/15/2006)

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  • Wicked Great Games (8/15/2006)

    Wanted to thank all of those members who showed up tonight. Had some of the best games in a long time tonight. Max of around 20ish people tonight, all played TG style games and wanted more. LMS stopped by and had some fun, so thank them if you join their server. Again great games tonight....join us tomorrow night for hopefully a new map pack with 10 maps and TG goodness
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.

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    Re: Wicked Great Games

    I was delighted with the standard of play last night. Even the new guys to the server were communicating and working as a team. Make sure you all come back on Wednesday!

    I think the best moment for me last night was advancing under the cover of smoke towards an MG enplacement on that snow map with the silos and tunnels (I gotta learn the names). IRS_Agent had the idea of smoking the whole centre area to blind the enemy riflemen and machinegunners. Our team chucked smoked all over that area. A few of us then advanced down the middle with the MG radomly firing in all directions. That machine gun is devastating. It's incredibly effective at suppressing the enemy and preventing them from sticking thier head out. As I approached the MG position with tracer fire ricocheting all around me I heard a report (from IRS_agent I think) that we had one contact in a small shack off to our left flank. I slowly approached the shack and saw the silhouette of a German rifleman. Just as I killed the rifleman the MG fire appruptly stopped. As the smoke cleared I saw that Blood Baal had somehow sneaked round behind the MG bunker and cleared it out. Objective B was cleared of enemy soldiers so we planted the bomb. I can't actually remember if we won that round or not but I think we deserved to!


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      Last Night's Murmansk, Russia

      We had some great games last night. Here are a few screen of some of the action.

      MG giving them hell.

      Kin3 sneaking around.

      ob1one on the MG.

      Poor kin3 dies.

      The scoreboard.

      Great gameing last night.

      18th SF Operational Detachment Delta


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        Re: Wicked Great Games

        For my first time being there, it was extremly fun. I'll be coming back for more :D.

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          Re: Wicked Great Games

          Yes, some excellent games! I hope we can keep this standard of play going into the future.




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