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Sabatoge on Server 1 - 2/20/08

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  • Sabatoge on Server 1 - 2/20/08

    The map was overgrown and in the beginning it seemed to be another spray and pray contest but after talking non stop for a few minutes the team started to shape up and deliver some real team work.

    The first two rounds weren't as team orientated but I have to say special thank to a pubby named Shinigomi. Even though I knew he didn't have a mic he did whatever I asked and we worked effectively as a team. After awhile it became almost automatic, the second I picked up the bomb, Shinigomi was there being my point man. Even though he didn't have a mic we kind of had a small communication with body direction and waving of the gun. We had some very amazing moments like when we cleared the A house. He threw a flash bang in with me in trail. He watched ahead and left the corners to me. When we entered the building he killed someone that was blinded in the room and then stopped, I called stun out and stunned the next room and immediately he was in there. He went in gun blazing killing someone that was rushing into the room but somehow didn't see someone in a corner but I had an easy shot and down the person. Really wish I had fraps or We-game worked on my CoD 4...

    A round later |TG-irr| victam joined the team and we constantly filled the chat with contact reports, updating our team on the battle plan, and just motivating our team members. We had some really good pushes along the A side of the map. The team was staying pretty spread out but covering most of the angles. No one moment sticks out in my mind simply because the entire time we had good communications and teamwork. Later on AVS and Devilman came on the team and the charter started to sound more like a bee hive than talk since 4 people where trying to get our words in.

    The rounds continued to improve and Devilman showed us what it really meant to be TG by using himself as point man / human shield during the last seconds of the round. The round was about to end and we were right in front of the wooden bridge. He literally used his body by charging across the bridge and just distracting the enemies while I was planting. Needless to say this cost him his life but I'll be damned if it didn't look cool as hell. Thanks to him I was able to plant the bomb and get away to a safe snipers spot. I also must mention the CRAZY amount of covering fire that I was getting. More bullets where going down range than I can imagine, it was truly a sight to see.

    Thanks to all of you on Server 1 tonight! I won't be forgetting that map anytime soon.

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    Re: Sabatoge on Server 1 - 2/20/08

    Thanks for sharing, maybe this will be the beginning of a trend.
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      Re: Sabatoge on Server 1 - 2/20/08

      Great AAR, blackmain. I hope to get some action like this going this weekend.
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