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Call of Duty Titles: General Server Rules

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  • Call of Duty Titles: General Server Rules

    General Rules for The Call Of Duty Servers:

    Our Call of Duty SOP's and general rules can be found here.

    Play the objective / Lone Wolfing:
    Your objective is NOT to get as many kills as you can but to help your team defend or plant the bomb, capture or defend HQ and Domination checkpoints or other game objectives particular to a specific gametype.

    VoiceChat is a staple of effective teamwork and is highly recommended. Please have the in game VoiceChat enabled so you can hear your teammates. Bomb Carriers in S&D should have a functioning mic and communicate orders to their team. Using TeamChat is an alternative to VoiceChat but not nearly as quick and effective. Players not communicating with their team may be considered Lone Wolfing.

    You are encouraged to join us on the TG Teamspeak3 server @ Use of Teamspeak is normally optional but may be required for some scrimmages and special events.

    Spawn Protection:

    Do not camp player spawn points.

    Bunny Hopping:
    Bunny-hopping is defined as jumping to avoid fire, around corners / in front of enemy and jumping over claymores to mitigate damage. Jumping and climbing over objects while under fire is not considered bunny-hopping.

    Team Killing (TKs):
    Intentional TKs or excessive TKs are not acceptable behavior on TG servers. Everyone enjoys playing every round and getting TK'd is one way to ruin that experience. In addition to limiting the TKs in the game ensure you are fully aware of fields of fire, your team's location, your team's uniforms. In Call of Duty 4 the Perk: Martyrdom is not conducive to Team play and sets an inherent risk to all players on that team. Martyrdom is not allowed as a perk.

    Basic Conduct

    * No swearing;
    * No abusive behavior;
    * No racist, sexist or discriminatory comments;
    * Respect for Tactical Gamer members and other players must be maintained at all times;
    * Inappropriate or unsociable use of on-line gaming systems will be dealt with at the discretion of the CoD System Administrators.

    What infractions can an admin kick/ban for?

    Admins WILL take whatever action they deem necessary to maintain the high standards we demand on our servers. Depending on severity, the COD4 admin team will follow:

    1. Warning
    2. Kick with time
    3. Kick with more time
    4. Ban

    Be advised that players wearing the TG tag are assumed to have read our rules and are held to a higher standard.

    If by chance an admin is not immediately available to assist you with an issue or a rule breaker, please file a report HERE.

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