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Greetings COD community! News is here!

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  • Greetings COD community! News is here!

    Hey there folks!!

    Greetings from the Content Development team. I'm News and I am responsible for all things news at TG. I am not an active COD player, so I am looking for someone, a group of someones, or perhaps all you someones to band together and produce an TG COD: BO release article. I could just pick up facts from around the net, but you guys that actively play COD would be much better for getting the real story from real TG players.

    So, what'cha say? Can TG count on you? Can you help the community be producing the greatest front page ever? Dare I say it? Perhaps even better than the Battlefield folks did for BC2? <-Yes, that's a challenge. :D

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    Re: Greetings COD community! News is here!

    Wow, crazy timing News, as I started putting something together for you this morning. I think it would be great if folks want to pitch in with info and graphics and make it a community effort.

    I collected some pics earlier and posted them here.

    I'll post up some text and links tomorrow.

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      Re: Greetings COD community! News is here!

      This link goes to the Wikia page for Black Ops which has, IMO, the best consolidation of info for the title.

      Important features/info

      Release date - 9 November 2010
      Dedicated servers - exclusive
      Two 18 player, ranked servers have been pre-ordered by TG.
      It's a Steam game so it's using VAC instead of Punkbuster for anti-cheat
      The ability to Lean is back
      Mod tools(no release date yet)
      Theater mode - record and upload video of your matches
      Co-op Zombies
      Co-op Campaign

      TG Black Ops Forum address -
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        You can also add that all previous cod titles has had ingame voip working, so this one probably will to.




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