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  • Be Kind to the New Guy

    So lately as I have been playing in the server I noticed that sometimes we (Including myself) over react on some of the people who are new to this server. So i wanted to share this with you guys the amu wrote back in the COD4.

    Hi, some of you may know me as my screen name amu107.9 others may know me by my in game handle "Have A Nice Day". Now I don't get to play very often since I find out there is a life outside of computer gaming. But I do seriously enjoy online gaming especially on the PC. So with that in mind I decided to write this post.

    In the rare instances I log on. I find people are going overboard with their reactions. Specifically, regarding informing people who are absolutely new to the server or greenhorn members at TG of the current game SOP's. A majority of those who try to educate the new players seem to get all wound up. Please take a breather and...

    Remember that today's new guy is tomorrows Supporting Member!

    So I have written the following little refresher.

    Hey there is a rule breaker, mean/abusive person, a dirty hacker or anything other person on the server.

    But no Admin is available to help!

    What to do?!

    Well if immediate assistance is required. Your best bet is to log into Team-Speak. But when you do that you need to know "Who is an Admin for Call Of Duty" so you can contact them specifically. If you are unable to get a CoD Admin and need assistance ASAP (As Soon As Possible). You can PM a TG Officer who might be able to get word to Apophis if no one is available to assist you in CoD.

    These kinds of incidents are what the CONTACT AN ADMIN FORUM is designated for. But that's not only what the CNA forum is for. Concerns, comments, criticisms and especially critiques are welcome. DON"T be afraid to use this it is absolutely confidential. Please try to be as clear and concise as possible on your report.

    If you are reporting an ADMIN and don't feel comfortable with the environment please feel free to Private Message P.Drona, the Game Officer for Call of Duty

    So with that I sincerely hope all of you can be mature, polite and remember Be Kind to the New Guy!

    Agapito Serrato III, C.Ph.T.


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    Good job best. And I've noticed you're one of the most helpful and respectful touter of the rules! Keep it up!

    [Spartan 9]


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      Re: Be Kind to the New Guy

      Thanks Best.

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        Re: Be Kind to the New Guy

        Yep I try my best to be nice even to someone that is being kicked. I agree some people get a little too upset.




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