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Looking to Get Involved? See an Oustanding Achievement? Then Write a Nomination!

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  • Looking to Get Involved? See an Oustanding Achievement? Then Write a Nomination!

    So lately there have not been many ribbons awarded to the Call of Duty community. Well I'm going to go into detail on what the Ribbons are, how to write up a nomination and how the system works for those who do not know what ribbons are and how to write them up.

    Ribbon Basics:
    So that brings me to my next point. ANYONE can write a nomination and nominate a fellow member. That means you can be nominated too! Even the people who joined TG yesterday could write up a nomination for a fellow gamer.

    The best part about writing a nomination and someone receiving a ribbon is the surprising reaction followed by the thank you from the player. Ribbons provide a positive feedback that allows the player to know that they are doing something right and gives them a pat on their back. It also lets them be recognized for their achievements in the game and how well they complete their roles.

    Those ribbons on people who play in the community represent different classes of ribbons and different types of ribbons. The classes are based on how well the player performs a specific job or duty within the community. Class 1 looks like this,, and shows the basic level of the ribbon with no stars. As the player progresses through the classes the player will earn one star per class up until class six. At class six the person would receive a single silver star which looks like this, . These classes are earned through continued work, so if the player keeps on being nominated for the same class then the player will rise through the ranks. The drawback is that as the player goes up a class, they require more out of them to be accepted for the class.
    Here is a link for the different types of classes and how they are explained. Link

    Now on to the actual ribbons!

    Combat Action
    It is awarded on a selective basis to each soldiers who display excellent battlefield awareness, survivability, and lethality as infantry on the battlefield. They excel in critical situations, and can turn the tide of a firefight crucial to the outcome of a battle.
    This is the player who always changes the tide of the battle in the matches to allow the team to win.

    Distinguished Conduct
    The Distinguished Conduct Ribbon is awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity in active TG service. It is awarded on a selective basis to soldiers who distinguish themselves as exceptional representatives of "the TG way".
    These members are the members that people look up to and provide great examples on what to do and what not to do within and out of game.

    Distinguished Volunteer
    The Outstanding Volunteer Service ribbon is awarded to those individuals who go above and beyond in volunteering within our community. It is primarily awarded to those individuals who help build our community through forum contribution, in-game actions, and other developmental services.
    This may include, but not limited to, joining the admin team, joining the Tactical Gamer University, or helping the community out by volunteering for tasks.

    Distinguished Drill Instructor
    The Drill Instructors Award is awarded to an individual who has dedicate time and effort into training and helping fellow TG players to improve through training. This training may cover any aspect of battle, including but not limited to: squad leading, commanding, assault tactics, defensive tactics, and vehicle training.
    This ribbon may include teaching players different roles of the game and how to use the roles proficiently.

    Distinguished Defense
    The Distinguished Defense Service Ribbon is awarded on a selective basis to soldiers that have demonstrated a superior skill in a defensive role. Being assigned as a defensive team is not the most glamorous role on the battlefield, but it is a highly important and difficult role to play effectively. These players excel in this role and can be counted on when assigned to defensive positions to carry out their task. They have great patience, creativity, and the ability to predict and counter-act assaulting forces.
    This ribbon pertains to certain game modes that are more defensive oriented and how the player plays that specific defensive role.

    Distinguished Sniper
    These individuals have shown to understand the concept and proper execution of the sniper role and have excelled when tasked with this responsibility. In addition to general proficiency, these individuals understand proper sniper positioning and fire and movement techniques critical to the success of a good sniper.
    This ribbon may pertain to the role of recon and communicating where the enemy location is and where the enemy is heading.

    Distinguished Squad Leader
    Their ability to utilize get the most from their squads is unparalleled. They have great skill as communicators and motivators, an extraordinary awareness of the battlefield, and an ability to predict and react to enemy operations.
    This role is mainly seen in the captains matches where the squad leader has shown multiple victories against other squad leaders.

    Distinguished Assault
    The Distinguished Assault Service Ribbon is awarded on a selective basis to soldiers who display extreme effectiveness when spearheading an infantry based assault. They have a great awareness of their surroundings, a mastery of their weapons, and have complimenting physical skills which enable them to react quickly when leading an assault. They display uncanny survivability, and can be trusted to be on point, leading a squad into battle.
    This ribbon pertains to the person who is always leading the charge into the enemy territory and takes out most of the people along the way.

    Distinguished Tactician
    The Distinguished Tactician Service Ribbon is awarded for exemplary creativity, organization, and leadership in battle. It is awarded on a selective basis to soldiers that develop and execute sound tactics in battle. These individuals have demonstrated the willingness and ability to spend time researching opponents, studying the terrain of the battlefield, and learning what assets are available to them. They were then able to formulate detailed and effective battle-plans and communicate those plans to the team.
    These players know the inside and out of the battlefield and can formulate a plan for attack and defense for the entire game.

    Writing the Nomination:
    In writing nominations there are no limits on how much nominations you can write. If you have 10 nominations that you want to send in the go to the Awards - Submit a Nomination section of the forum.
    The format that is preferably used while writing the nominations is:
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [B]Recommended Award:[/B]


    [B]Place and Time:[/B]


    [B]Related AAR:[/B]
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Consider copying and pasting this format into your nomination.

    Well here are some good ribbon nominations.


    Distinguished Sniper

    TG vs =US= Scrim

    September 15, 2006

    During the attack on Dragon Valley, the Temple CP remained firmly in enemy hands. We had accomplished taking all the surrounding CP's, yet I wanted to eliminate the enemy from spawning inside of our lines. SL5 informed me that our armor could not support the attack due to the numerous enemy AT's located there. I glanced at his squad layout from the CO screen and told him to have ------ switch to sniper and eliminate those AT's so the armor can come in. ------ proceeded to snipe and eliminated enough enemy troops from a distance to weaken the enemy's defense, allowing the Temple to fall into our hands. On Clean Sweep, ------ was instrumental in spotting the enemy for our team, especially when I lost my scanner and UAV. I wish to nominate him for his performance and mastery of the sniper kit.

    Distinguished Sniper - Player Ribbons(already has class 1)
    Date: 1/20/2010
    What: Distinguished Sniper
    Who: Ribbons

    As a squad leader I can tell you that Ribbons abilities to use the sniper role effectively is second none when he's on my team and/or in my squad. He sticks with the squad despite the strains that would normally put on a sniper/recon and manages to neutralize threats. His ability to effectively hold front lines is most apparent when you're on the other side and he shoots you(The SL) first and keeps you down. Ruins your day.

    Over the past months I have noticed a steady increase in his ability to use the kit along with a steady increase in his willingness to share his knowledge with the community and new members.
    After a ribbon is submitted-
    1. Ribbon is submitted - The Ribbons Admins will confirm that the nomination has been submitted.

    2. Ribbon is voted upon -
    Be patient! Ribbons can take a week or two to make its way through the system.

    3. Ribbon is awarded - The outcome of the ribbon will be added to the thread that you posted. If denied, reason will be cited.

    4. Ribbon is posted - The ribbon is then posted in the awarded forum and then posted in the appropriate game forum.

    Event Ribbons:
    These are the other types of ribbons. These ribbons are awarded for scrims internally and externally. They also are awarded for long term events. For example the Dirt 2 world tour.

    The internal scrim ribbon stays the same throughout all the games. You will see many people sporting the class 6 ribbon which shows that they participated in many TG vs TG scrims.

    The external scrims are awarded when you play head to head against another clan or community. These are usually specialized and are unique then the regular TG vs TG campaign ribbons.

    Finishing this up:
    I hope this guide to the ribbons and its system inspires you to go and write those nominations. Just remember that you can type as much nominations as you can type. So get your notepad out and get on typing up those nominations! Have Fun!


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    Re: Looking to Get Involved? See an Oustanding Achievement? Then Write a Nomination!

    Sticky. This. Thread.

    Fantastic write up and tutorial Best, thanks for taking the time to make this!

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      Re: Looking to Get Involved? See an Oustanding Achievement? Then Write a Nomination!

      Nice bb! Great write up!




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        Re: Looking to Get Involved? See an Oustanding Achievement? Then Write a Nomination!

        I have to give some credit to Ferris Bueller because i used some of his post as an outline of what i would do.



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          Re: Looking to Get Involved? See an Oustanding Achievement? Then Write a Nomination!

          Great post BB!!!

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            I think I'm going bump this because after last night I think a lot a people did not see it.



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              Re: Looking to Get Involved? See an Oustanding Achievement? Then Write a Nomination!

              *bump* people sticky this thread! great write up BB

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                Re: Looking to Get Involved? See an Oustanding Achievement? Then Write a Nomination!


                Very nice post BB. Thanks.

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