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  • Admin Teamspeak BATPHONE!

    Now I know it's a big surprise, but there might be nights where all the CoD admins are playing Dirt 2, instead of CoD.
    The following might make it easier to contact them.

    In TS, click tools, then whisper lists.
    Click New to add a new whisper list, and enter whatever keybind you'd like for calling the BATPHONE.
    Drag anyone you like (I'm recommend CoD admins for the purposes of this post, but I'm sure you can come up with some clever uses) from a normal TS channel in your main window into the middle of the whisper lists screen.
    Then click OK.

    Now, anytime you press your BATPHONE keybind while you're connecting to the TG Teamspeak server, you'll be broadcasting to all the CoD admins, and only the CoD admins!

    Hopefully this will prove useful when you need a tard ejected in a hurry.

    I got this idea after reading this thread about whisper lists:

    That thread has screen shots and everything, in case you need help.

    [Spartan 9]

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    Re: Admin Teamspeak BATPHONE!

    Great idea Balfa!

    Also, if an admin is needed for any reason, feel free to contact me via Steam IM. If I'm not on your friends list, I can be found in the TG CoD Black Ops Steam group.



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      I don't care if Admins have my cell number and text me. I can always kick or ban from my phone.

      I like the BATPHONE idea too. I know Drona Birdie and Ven have my cell number so why don't we swap cell numbers too?
      "The mind stretched to a new concept can never return to it's orginal dimension."
      "What the mind can conceive and believe..... it can achieve."

      The Mediator


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        Re: Admin Teamspeak BATPHONE!

        Aw man, Balfa, here i thought you just wanted a private whisper to talk with me whenever...and it was just testing for this thread :( I'm crushed!

        * *


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          Dammit po, the whole bat phone thing was just a facade for my private po phone... Now everyone knows :(

          [Spartan 9]




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