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  • An observation

    There's a couple things I noticed last night and even the night before that I think need to be addressed.

    Last night I heard a lot more negativity than is normally heard in a TG crowd. I'm not innocent either but it seems to me that people have been using last Friday's patch as an excuse or crutch for poor attitude over the past 48 hours with no ground level proof that the patch is to blame. Might they have screwed with the spawns on Jungle? Sure. Might they have tweaked the netcode in patch 1.07? Maybe. Do we have any proof of such things? None that I'm aware of.

    Some perspective, but you can skip this bit if you want. Over the last 4 years I've regularly played a variety of games from a variety of developers. It is quite common for certain bugs and glitches and problems to occur when a patch or update is released, as there is no easy way to test for problems on such a massive scale. On top of that, a developer like Treyarch has a massive task in that they have to maintain the same game across three platforms (360, PS3, PC), each with its own different architcture, peculiarites, and quirks; even more so on the PC considering the infite number of different system setups, both client and server end. I have seen this same thing happen more times than I can count: a new patch comes out, makes a couple changes here or there, and then all of a sudden players are blaming the patch for a bad round here, a bad spawn there, etc. etc. etc. when at least half the time the patch didn't do anything the players claimed, or was not intended to do such things and was thus re-patched/fixed within a week or two.

    My point is that I heard an absolute ton of whining and moaning last night with the implicit excuse that "It's all the patch's fault." I know I'm still sort of the new guy, I've only been around a few months, but this doesn't seem like a very TG-like attitude or point of view. We've been dealing with problems like crappy spawns and sometimes questionable hit registry ever since the game released, and I don't see how one relatively minor patch is all of a sudden to blame for every problem the game has. I'm guilty as well, but I think the complaining got out of hand at times last night. Yes Black Ops has its problems, but we've played through them and had some really good times so far. Play for the good times, and don't dwell on the bad times.

    "Over the din of battle could be heard Lancer’s maniacal laughter and it spurned us on to stay the course, not to give up, and enjoy." - Grimmfist

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    Re: An observation

    I have three things I'd like to say.

    1. On the negativity/bad attitude note - I wasn't on Server 1 last night but did play one round on Server 2. There was one player there who I had never played with nor have I seen them before. I'd like to assume he has some background with TG due to the fact he was on TS though. I'd also like to preface this by saying that I don't think he knew I was on TS and everything he said was in TS. While on my team he let everyone in TS know that he thought I was bad and later that I sucked. While on the other team I believe I heard him complaining about me not playing the objective. Me not playing the objective? Lol. This is a great display of the TG ethics. Who wouldn't be attracted to play with people like that? Also, it would help to learn the difference between the in-game and TS talk key. I don't want to hear you calling out all of your movements and ideas to your teammates.

    2. I had a really crappy spawn on Radiation the other night. To add to it, I got shot in the face within milliseconds. Lancer apologized for the kill, but it wasn't necessary. The game screwed me by putting me in the middle of the map. I re-spawned in the same spot very shortly after and Lancer held fire to give me a fighting chance. I commend you on that. It is not required by any means, but shows good sportsmanship.

    3. I used to experience gun jams once every few game play hours. The first time I played after the patch I jammed once or twice per map. I know it's not my mouse because it functions perfectly out of game. I won't use it as an excuse, but it's just frustrating sometimes. Anyways....maybe it's just me.


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      Re: An observation

      I will get to Lancers concerns in a moment.. First, I would like to address #1 on Coupon's list. If you like, please PM me the name of this person and I will take care of it. If you would rather not, I completely understand. I was once in a somewhat similar situation and turned to the forums in order to put an "anonymous" person on notice.

      Lancer: I completely agree with your views on the negativity that has been going on in TS since the 1.07 patch was released. Heck, I was among the people complaining about the patch. Please note, I am not apologizing for my bitterness concerning the patch rather, I would like to apologize for the un-TG manner in which I expressed my opinion. All of the regulars here know that I am not afraid to voice my opinion or give someone/something a good tongue lashing when I feel they/it deserves it. In my mind, not only does A˘tivi$ion/Failarch deserve to be ridiculed (not only concerning this patch) but, almost the entire game development and publishing world! But, that is for another discussion.

      I have to agree that it is common, as you say in the perspective part of your post, that games are released buggy and that the patches that are released to fix the first set of bugs, generally cause other bugs. I also agree that it can't be easy to simultaneously release a game on 3 separate platforms. But, I would argue that the game developers constant inability to even come close to the mark in many, if not most, of the games released nowadays (and the patches!), plays a large part in the anger and frustration of the players. I have a lot more that I would love to say but, again, it is for another discussion.

      As far as you only being around for a few months... I feel that you have more than proven yourself worthy of the TG tag that you wear, through your actions and your well thought out opinions and comments in the forums.

      In my opinion, the patch did introduce new problems with the spawns, end of round timer and server stability but, I don't think that it can be blamed for a bad round (even as much as I would love to blame it for that!). The reason I believe the patch has caused problems with those three things, is that those problems were not evident pre-patch. Yes, the spawns have been goofy out of the box but, in all the time I have played this game, I have never spawned right next to an enemy, that was also just spawning.

      In spite of all of my above listed complaints, it most certainly is not a reason to behave the way any of us did in TS. These forums are the correct place for such discussions and thank you, Lancer, for reminding us of that.

      p.s. I need to spread the love around before you get any more rep from me, Lancer. So, in lieu of forum reputation, I give you my Respect.





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